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Thursday, March 4, 2010


We thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments about HOW couponing has blessed your lives! I could identify with many of you. 11 months ago my husband lost his job. This was just 6 months after I started couponing. It has definitely blessed me and my family of NINE! :) And we truly eat better now than we did two years ago! And of course, having this website help pay for my groceries has been a blessing as well. It wouldn't have been possible if you didn't share the love and tell your friends! After my very first post, I emailed about 15 people letting them know about the blog I had started (almost 18 months ago!). 15 people... and now here we are, getting 5000+ hits a day! WOOT!

Thanks for sharing the love and loving our site. We really try our best!

OK - enough babble, here are the results (OH - and I actually counted the doubles and I have enough to share with SIX readers!!!)


sheryl said...95

I will be coming to my year anniversary couponing this month. I have been able to save so much money! I also plan meals now which also is helping our budget! Love your blog! Check it everyday!

Maryhelen said...62

With no money in our budget for food for the past three years, buying groceries has meant juggling around our other bills. For our family of seven, obviously we have to eat! Couponing has meant that we've been able to rebuild our food storage, eat well, and NOT have to juggle to the extent that we were before coupons came into play.
Blessings to you for helping me and so many others make a difference for our families!!

Sara S. said...81

For the first time I have felt like I could begin a food storage. And not just a meager stockpile of a month's supply, but a real food storage that I could live off of for an extended period of time. I am so grateful for this site and other's that have made the information so readily accessible. Thanks for all you do! (I hope I win!! ) :)

Lilly said...97

I just started to coupon in January. I was to the point where I just hated shopping. It was painful to watch the amount go up and feel like there was nothing I could do. Then to look at the cart and see how little it had gotten me :( Now I love to shop again. I love to watch the numbers go down instead of up! It has been such a blessing to our family. We spend the same but we get so much more. We actually have extra food stored up now. Before we were lucky if our weekly budget got us enough to last the whole week without going back 6 or 7 times. I love this site and all I am so thankful for the hard work you all put in! THANKS!

Erin said...2

I have saved so much money with couponing over the last few months. I started couponing the "real" way in October and look at my purchases with a new perspective. I don't care that I get weird looks when I have my binder with me. At least I am saving my family money! I check your site multiple times a day (at least every two to three hours). My husband thinks I am obsessed! lol

Me Time said...6

Couponing has been great. We save a LOT of money on snacks for my daughter and since were an oatmeal only family, since cereal was too expensive we can now eat cereal everyday of the week, for breakfast. All because of you and your great web site...and coupons. Thanks you!


Or email me at fabulesslyfrugal at gmail dot com and we can arrange a way for you to pick them up from me (or you can meet me at the library tonight for the coupon swap - let me know that is your plan so I can bring them to you!).

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