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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fab FruGAL Shopping Trip

Can I just say that we LOVE Katie of Mt Home! 
She tipped us off about the Just Chill Deal!

Take a look at what she did at Albertsons this week:

I have definately been enjoying the multiple deals this week! I combined the three promos so I could reach $100 as I had a $10 off $100 coupon. Man it is a lot of work to spend $100. I don't do it very often. 

This is what I got today:
6 - boxes of Puffs tissue (.25/3 x2)
2 - bottles of Pantene ($2/2)
2- Frebreez Air effects ($1/1 x2)
9- Old orchard juice concentrate ($1/4 x2)
2- packages of oreos (bogo w/milk)
1-Gallon of milk
6-boxes of toaster strudels ($1/1 x6)
9- Kettle corn popcorn ($1/2 x4, $1/1)
1- 4lb sugar
1- 48oz Canola Oil ($1/1)
3 - 4pk Activia yogert ($1/1 x3)
1 - 6pk Danonino yogert ($1/1)
2- Goldfish crackers (.75/1 x2)
5- boxes of fruit snacks (.50/2 x2)
1- box of Hot Pocket Side Shots (.75/1)
1- Swiffer Duster Starter kit
1-Swiffer Duster Refill (free with starter kit)
Besides the coupons I listed above I Used $10off $100, $13.50 in catalinas, $3 in doubles and a $2 off survey (I love those surveys)

Total: $41.31 (saved $119.39) Recieved $33.50 in Catalinas for next trip.

Katie {Mountain Home, ID}

I love how she figured out how to use the save $10 on $100 by combining all three promos. Way to go girl!
Her final price after factoring in the catalinas is only $7.81! Wow she rocked  this sale!

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Ann said...

WOW! Way to go! I am curious... which promo are the goldfish in?

GaoyouMom said...

How is she able to use the $10 off $100 catalina? I tried to use a $4 off $40 the other day, the cashier held onto it until scanning all the other coupons and then wouldn't let me use it because the total after coupons was under $40.

I have trouble even getting up to $40 now -- don't know how I'd ever get to $100. :-)


The crazy chaos I call life... said...

The catelina's fine print says "redeem after manuf. and store coupons" but some cashiers will hold on to them till the very end. Just depends on the cashier/store.

vinyl said...

Now that there is NO JUICE to be found, what is the best way to take advantage of the sale. I have lots of coupons and lots of doublers, I just don't know the best scenario!!! Please Help!

Mary H said...

Mt Home cashiers are generally very coupon friendly! I was there when Katie made her purchases and her cashier immediately went to tell her co-workers of Katie's savings in an amazed voice! Unfortunately, 3 of my cats didn't print and I spent an extra hour sorting it out with them while my kids ran circles around everyone in sight.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Great point ladies! I forgot that those coupons do say after all other coupons and so YMMV!

Melody said...

It takes a really great deal to impress me these days and this is AWESOME! I have a $4 off $40, I bet I could get it to work at my store. Nice job, Katie!

Julie said...

I'm just envious you have an Albertson's that actually has the items in stock. But, gee, I guess I can drive the 2-hour roundtrip again in a couple of days and see if I can beat the greedy hoarders. Some days this stuff just isn't worth it.

Katie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am as happy with that as if I was one of the winners of the extra doubles. I enjoy couponing a lot :)

When I got the $10 off $100 coupon I went to customer service and asked exactly how I could use it. They said use it before any other coupons but after they scanned my Albie card. $100 is before tax.

The gold fish were not in one of the promos. I just had a good coupon for them and I needed help getting up to $100.

I placed an order for more juice and that is coming on Sat.

Fabulessly Frugal said...


Did you have a bad day? :( Sorry your store has hoarders.