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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rite Aid Game of Life: TRADE STICKERS?

Just got this email in from our faithful reader Meaghan:

I was sitting down today putting all of my stickers on my game board and realized that the game is ending on the 27th! Yikes! I noticed that I am only one away from winning multiple prizes. Isn't that how it usually goes?! It got me thinking that many other people are probably in the same boat. So I was wondering if it would be such a bad thing if we could some how swap the game pieces that we have with each other. I have a stack of pieces that are doubles, triples and even more then that on some pieces. Wouldn't it be great if we could come together and win some prizes? As always, thank you for your site and listening to my idea.
So leave your comments here about what you need and what you have extras of. You'll want to leave your emails too of course, so you can help each other out!

Great idea Meaghan - thanks!

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Cindy Ridge said...

I need 1, 6, 8, 11, 14, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23, 26, 29, 35, 39, 42, 46, 47 and 52. I have many multiples of all other numbers if anyone needs them.


Glen and Nikki said...

Sorry to be a downer but trading would be pointless. The numbers that Cindy posted are the hard ones to find. All the rest are widely available. Once you have those numbers, you've practically won the prize, with the exception of the larger ones that have 2 rare pieces. I have about 150 game pieces, some of the piece numbers I have more than 20, still haven't won.

amanda said...

I finally got number 6 just need number 1 if anyone has it post a comment cause I would be willing to share the loot!!!!!! Other wise I agree with second comment the same numbers are needed by all

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is only one (or two) "rare markers" for each prize... they put out hundreds of every other number but there are only a handful of the rare markers (the same number of them as there are # of prizes awarded). Trading is going to be kind of pointless because if you got the rare marker you probably have a dozen of every other number already. Games like this always work this way - for example, McDonald's monopoly.

Diane said...

The ones Cindy said she needs are exactly the ones I need too. So good luck to everyone and let us know if anyone won anything!
I wish the clerks would be generous to the ones of us who are collecting them and give us extras.

Holden said...

I have marker #14. Email me at holdyman@gmail.com if you want to deal.

Susan said...

I have marker #23. If you have marker #22 we could split the $5000! You can contact me at dkeithcrane@cs.com. Let's win!!!!

Diana said...

I have # 11 and # 14. Email me if you want to make a deal at dianny11@gmail.com. I need # 8 and # 15. Good luck everyone!

Diana said...

Hi! everyone we can trade.
I have # 11, 14
Let me know what you have and what
you need.
if you are interested please contact me at dianny11@gmail.com

Pat and Sheryl P. said...

Hi everyone, I'm in the same boat, but this ship is about ready to capsize..... if you look on the back of your tickets you'll notice that the same numbers come up on the same advertisement. For instance; "GE reveal 60" light bulb advertisement has tickets #24, #49, #30 and #02 in that order, and "Quakers Oatmeal" has tickets #38, #16, #44, and #09 so if you notice that there are all these "COMMON" tickets in the pile and only a few unique products advertised you can easily pick out the unique ones to pass on to your friends / neighbors. "Deadline" on the game is 31 March, so I wonder if anyone can investigate any winners by then?????
Pat ..... seapatches50@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

email me cindy or you other guys. the only game pieces i have filed in on my sheet are exactly the ones cindy and the rest of you needed. i live in ny maybe they distribute them differently. i even have extras i have done anything with yet su50@aol.com

Diana said...

Hey...Come on!!! Wake up!! Doesn't somebody want some numbers? I have a lot of #'s including the rare #'s 11 and 14. Lets make a deal!! Email me at dianny11@gmail.com. Thanks :)