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Monday, February 15, 2010

FREE Purex at Fred Meyer!

Thanks reader *Hiccups* for telling us about this great find in the comments.

BUY TWO: Purex Laundry Detergent 50oz
USE: In Ad Coupon to get two for $1.99 each
STACK WITH: $0.35/1 from 1/10 RP
TOTAL OOP: $3.28
RECEIVE: $4.00 catalina when you buy two

MONEY MAKER! Remember you can roll this transaction!

Have you used Purex before? Do you like it?

Looks like the catalina is not printing for some.
Here are the details on the catalina -
Buy Purex 50oz laundry detergent between 1/11 & 3/7
Buy 2 & get $4
Buy 3 or more & get $5 coupon off your next order.
Here is the Hot Coupon World Post about this. If you have received the catalina, will you please comment? If you did NOT receive the catalina, you can contact the catalina company at 1-888-8COUPON.


Have you had trouble with the Catalina printing after buying the 50 oz?

Can you even find it on the shelf?

Apparently someone has abused this deal and ruined it for EVERYONE!

A Cincinnati couple cleared out 20 stores and ended up buying 800 bottles of Purex for free after coupons and Catalinas. Some stores noticed the abuse and called the catalina company. The catalina company STOPPED the catalina promotion!

Could be just a rumor, so let us know if you are having any luck!

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Sally said...

I was in front of a lady today at FM who was trying to do this, but it didn't print up a catalina. She thought it might be because she got the bottles that has some "free" ounces but it was the advertized size she thought. This was at 5Mile & Overland location. Just a heads up.

Michelle Barnes said...

I just was at the Fred's at 5mi/Overland to buy the laundry detergent. The catalina only prints for the 50 oz size of liquid detergent. This has fabric softener added. Since the price of the detergent is 1.99 with in-store coupon, you need to have an additional item to be able to use your $4 catalina coupon. BTW...this location is currently out of the 50 oz. size. They said they MIGHT get some more tomorrow.

Cheryl_hiccups said...

I've read multiple reports that the 60oz bonus size does NOT work for this CAT. Be careful. I've had it print for me 3 times total and I rolled it twice. HTH.

Cheryl_hiccups said...

So to be clear, you need to get the 50 oz size as Michelle said.

Martins said...

Hello, Was Just at the Fairview Meridian store, I picked up some of the Lavender cap testerday worked fine, today I went back No lavender cap in stock, but they did have the lots of the White bottle, so i picked up two to see if they worked if they did not I was going to end my Barginns that, They rang up and out popped a $4.00 Catalina, So I went back and got more all worked GREAT!!! Sad to Report there was a lady there who asked me if I knew the White bottle worked when I said YES I just did the sale, she took all the rest, GOOD for her NOT so GOOD if you did not get any, I don't think Bad of her for clearing the stock, I was ther at 7am, as was She, but I also understand some can't be there at that time, I can't help thinking the store has to have some clue this is going to be BIG and at least try to have the stock to keep up, But then again, How much is enough, well I have taken up enough time and space, Bottom Line Here is Fairview is Out Of the bottles that work. Peace and Love to you all, and Happy Couponing

Camille said...

I'm going to have to try this in Idaho Falls. Last time there was a great Purex sale (almost a year ago) I bought 12 bottles of the free and clear detergent. I use it for my baby's laundry. It isn't great at getting stains out, but it's really soft. Free is awesome!

Sally said...

I was at the Five Mile & Overland location last night & all they had was the 60oz. & that was around 5pm. They told me they might have some by Thursday. I have to say FM is not as helpful about sale items Albies is - Albies seems to go out of their way a good bit more.

Sally said...

I just called the locations in Garden City & the one on Franklin & neither has the detergent in stock. Everybody is saying they hope to get some tonight on their trucks.

Michelle Barnes said...

I went to the Meridian store today and they posted a sign up as I was walking away for the shelf that they will only allow 2 bottles per customer. The man in a red vest told me that I had to put my other bottles away because other customers in Meridian will need to get some also. So, I bought my 2 bottles and grabbed 2 boxes of detergent. I paid for the first two with a cat I already had and paid for the boxes with the new cat.

Sally said...

I went to the Five Mile & Overland location at 7am this morning & they did have Purex but no Catalinas printed. I went ahead & did the deal with the FM coupon & the .35 coupon from 1/10 since we were totally out of detergent & while it'n not awesome dealit is still cheaper than Wal-mart (there early this morning too) cause they are selling Purex 100 fl. oz. bottles for $5 & with the deal at FM you only pay $3.87 with tax for 100 fl. ounces.

Cheryl_hiccups said...

Yeah, I read a report that someone called Catalina and the deal is officially DEAD. Bummer.

Julie said...

I was going to do this because, although I make my own laundry detergent, I like to have some around for emergencies. Usually, I just use the occasional "any size Tide" to get free travel sizes, but I was going to get a couple bottles of the Purex. Since some jerks ruined this for everyone (and, anyway, once word got out about the cat. I probably wouldn't have got any anyway, since I can't go into town until tonight or tomorrow night) and I would like some emergency detergent around, can you, o great ones, tell me what is a really good price for detergent? At what price should I go for it?

Fabulessly Frugal said...


you know I usually wait until it is $1 or less.

Free detergent comes around again and again. I am sure you will get some. Keep an eye out for clearance prices during double days at Albertsons. We got some All for $1 for a 32 load just last week.