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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fred Meyer 2/21-2/28

New to coupon shopping Fred Meyer? Start HERE:

Please note that we only share with you the items from the ad
that we think are good prices! We will make
notes by some products to give you additional information.
If it is on this list, it is a good price.


Red, White, or Yukon Gold Potatoes $0.59/lb Good price, I love Yukon Golds. You can get a 10 pound bag of regular potatoes at Albertsons through Tuesday

Grapes $1.28/lb not the best price (you can find better when they are in season), but for this time of year, I may grab a bag since the kids are getting tired of Apples and Oranges.


Beef Loin Petite Sirloin Steaks $2.99/lb

Foster Farms Whole Fryers $.79
if you have a great recipe or way of cooking these, I'd love to see it!!


12-pack Big K Pop $2.00 (limit 5)

Fred Meyer Butter $1.67 (limit 3)
Decent price, but I really stock up when I can get them for $1.25-$1.50, purchase some if you're getting low

Fred Meyer Canned Vegetables $.50 (first 8)
I'd get some if you need them, but not a stock up price

Country Oven or VitaBee Bread $1.25 (first 8)
these seem to go on sale every few weeks. We've gotten bread free before, but not THAT often, so get some if you need it.

Hillshire Farm Rope Style Smoked Sausage or Links
$2.50 (first 4)
$2.50 each with in-ad coupon
Stack with $1.00/2 from 1/31 RP
Final Price: $2.00
Not the greatest price - what do you use these for anyway?

Hershey's Standard Size Bars $.33 (first 6)
$.33 each with in ad coupon
Stack with BOGO Dark Special Chocolates coupon from 1/10 SS
FINAL PRICE: 2 for $.33 {if you like that dark chocolate stuff} ha ha!

All or Wisk Liquid Laundry Detergent $2.99 (first 2)
$2.99 each with in-ad coupon
Stack with $1/1 All 50 oz or larger from 2/7 RP
4 star price, although with doubles and catalina deals, we've gotten this free at Albertsons before. We also got some that was on clearance recently for $.99 after doubles. I just might hold on to my coupons. If you need some though, get some!

Use in ad coupon to save $3.00 on any board games
STACK WITH: $4/1, $5/1, and $10/1 various board game coupons that were found on coupons.com earlier this month and could be found here as well.



Get 2 FREE Gallons of Mountain Dairy Milk
wyb 4 Kellogg's or Keebler items listed below:

* All Kellogg's Cereal (12-25.5 oz) Prices Vary (see notes below about possible catalina deal)
* All Town House, Club or Cheez-It Crackers $2.50
* All Keebler Chips Deluxe, Sandies, or Fudge Shoppe Cookies $2.50
* All Kellogg's Nutri Grain, Special K, or Fiber Plus Cereal Bars $2.50
* Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats $2.50

$1/3 Kellogg's Cereal from redplum
$1.50/2 Kellogg's Cereal that WAS at coupons.com earlier this month
$1.00/2 Kellogg's NutriGrain Bars from 2/7 RP
$1/2 Keebler Flip Sides also in 2/7 RP (not sure if these are included though)

And don't forget about this catalina deal that may be running at Fred Meyers
(let us know in the comments if a catalina prints for you)

Kellogg's Cereals
Feb 10 - March 10
  • Frosted Flakes (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Apple Jacks (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Fruit Loops (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Corn Pops (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Cocoa Krispies (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Honey Smacks (10oz or larger, any flavor)
Buy (3) & get $1 OYNO
Buy (4) & get $3 OYNO
Buy (5) or more & get $4 OYNO


Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips $2.50
USE: $1/1 from 1/10 SS or 1/3 SS or 1/31 SS

Rice a Roni or Pasta Roni $1.00
USE: $1/3 from 1/3 SS
FINAL PRICE: $.67 wyb 3
if you can wait, this coupon doesn't expire until 4/30. I'm sure with an Albertsons sale and doubles, you'll be able to get this item for free or very close to it!

Gillette Body Wash
USE: $2/1 from 2/7 P&G
Final Price: $1.50

Prevacid 14 capsules $9.99
USE: $4/1 from coupons.com

Clearance is marked down to 70% off. Now is a great time to purchase items for your kidlets to wear next winter!

You can also check out The Coupon Project for the Fred Meyer Monthly Deals.


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Sheena said...

I wanted to tell you the way we most often use our rope sausages - I use them in spaghetti, barbecued kebabs, and boiled dinner with cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. The Hillshire Farm and John Morrell websites have lots of ideas for them too. I get the John Morrell ones for free frequently!

Shelley said...

My mom fed 8 growing kids (5 teenage boys) on one income. She used fryer chickens all the time. She threw the whole thing in a stock pot (she might cut the wings, thighs and drumsticks off first). Then cover with water. Add chunks of onion celery and carrot. I like to throw in a little garlic and basil, salt and pepper, too. Simmer until the meat is done cooking. Pull out the chicken and let it cool on a cookie sheet. Strain the broth and freeze in one cup portions. Bone the chicken and freeze in 1 or 2 cup portions. You know have super moist and tender "chopped, cooked chicken" for all kinds of meals and super yummy chicken broth in your freezer. We usually had chicken noodle soup for dinner on the nights my mom did this. Hope that helps!!

Kristi M. said...

My mom often uses the rope sausage in thicker spaghetti sauce and then on a roll as a sandwich sort of thing. Really good.

Melissa said...

We use the rope sausage cut up in red beans and rice or I will just cut it into bite sized pieces and heat it up with some BBQ sauce and serve with french fries or a salad for a light dinner.

cluff family said...

I cut up the fryer chicken and put it in a crock pot over night with about 1-2 cups of water. Then I separate the chicken from the bones and put in a big zip lock bag and freeze. Then we have frozen cooked shredded chicken ready to use.

Lady Thought said...

I use the sausage in an awesome slow cooker stew called cassoulet http://www.bhg.com/recipe/poultry/easy-cassoulet/

I LOVE whole chickens. You can cook 2 in a 7 qt crockpot if they're skinned (otherwise the fat will run over the top). Rub with spices of your choice; I do rosemary, thyme, pepper, salt and cook for about 8-10 hours on low, pick out all the meat, and then put the bones and parts back in the crock with a few cups of water, some garlic and onion, and cook for 12 hours on low. Voila, AWESOME homemade chicken broth. I freeze it in 1 cup cubes.

Also, Rachael Ray has a great 5 dinners in one day thing where you cook a few chickens and make 5 meals, 1 for today and the other for the fridge (or freezer). I only love the enchiladas and the pot pie, so we make 2 of each of those and freeze them. http://www.rachaelray.com/recipe.php?recipe_id=210

Tracy said...

I make my own rotisserie chickens in the crockpot. First, make 4-5, 2inch balls of foil and place them in the bottom of the crock pot. This keeps the chicken out of any fat or juice in the bottom of the crockpot. Season the whole chicken and place it on the balls of foil. Cook on high for 4-6 hours or low for 8.

Thrifty Queen said...

Nice advise Tracy !! I hate when your meat in cooked in fat for hours. You are great. Thanks!!!

Sally said...

The first coupon listed under the Kelloggs promo from RedPlum says it's expired & won't print - Just an FYI !

Cathy said...

Thanks for all the great tips everyone!!! I'm going to have to try this out. Hmmmm, what to do first...