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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Albertsons Double Deals

We have confirmed there will be doubles in the Sunday paper. What is even better is that the coupons will last for SEVEN DAYS (2/28-3/6)!! So it will be fun to see what the 3/3 ad holds for us!

If you are ready to STEP IT UP and increase your couponing efforts, TODAY is the day to call the Idaho Statesman (or Idaho Press Tribune) and get your multiple subscription going! This way, you'll be able to get 4, 5, or even 6 sets of doubles delivered to your door on Sunday morning! Wonder if it is worth it? Read Ambers post titled, Do I really need 5 Sunday Papers? Then call and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL DEAL!! (Read here for all the details - and remember when you sign up and tell them you want the Fabulessly Frugal deal - make sure they hear you! ha ha!! We will get a kickback from YOUR subscription, this is just one small way you can help keep our site FREE!)

Here are some ideas...

Dannon Light and Fit 6 oz $.50
DOUBLE $.75/6 from coupons.com
Final Price: .25
ID wait until March 1st and print two of the $.75/4 at coupons.com and use double and get these for $.13 each!

Starkist Tuna Pouch $1

DOUBLE $1/2 from RP 2/4
Stock up on Tuna by purchasing $1.00/2 coupons on eBay!
Final Price: FREE
This tuna will not expire for 2 years and is a great healthy staple to have.

Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner $2.99
DOUBLE $1/1 from RP 2/14
Final Price: $.99

Dreyers $2.99
DOUBLE $1/1 from SS1/31
Final Price: $.99

Lunchables $2.99 These have been spotted at some stores for $1.29
DOUBLE .75/1 from coupons.com if this variety is included
Final Price: $1.49

Listerine 16-33.8 oz $4.49
DOUBLE $1/1 from coupons.com
Final Price: $2.49

Albertsons Chunk or Shredded cheese 2lb $3.99 (limit 2)
DOUBLE: $1 off 2 lb Cheese at coupons.com (you won't see the coupon until 3/1 for UT & ID)
Final Price: $2.99 or $1.50/lb This is a good price even with out the coupon. I like to get the shredded ones and throw a few in the freezer to have on hand!

Daisy Sour Cream 8oz $.99
DOUBLE: $.50/1 from 1/31 SS (expires 2/28, so it will ONLY WORK ON SUNDAY!)
Final Price: FREE

Rhodes Warm n Serve Rolls $2.89 (sometimes they are $2.69)
DOUBLE: $1/1 from coupons.com
Final Price: $.89 (Monica likes to wait until she can get them for $.69, I'm not patient enough for this!)

Chinet Paper Plates 15-36 ct $1.99
DOUBLE: $1.00 any 1 Chinet Product after you print, it takes you to the chinet website, if you enroll there, a few hours later you'll get a link via email for another $1/1 coupon that you can print twice!
Final Price: FREE!
(this one's for you smiling mama!)

*Most of the coupons in the General Mills Promo are printables that you can't double (unless you were lucky enough to get the 2/7 GM insert. I don't have that one so I couldn't tell you if those are DND or not). So once I get it all sorted out, I will post scenarios for you!

And of course, we will post more double finds as the week progresses. If you find any great ones - please share!! :)


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Amy said...

So excited about this. It was not looking so good at first, but now I am thinking it might be worth a trip out there.

Julie said...

I was just looking through my coupons for this and discovered something neat. A few weeks ago, there was a Betty Crocker coupon booklet you could register for (maybe on the Boxtops site? I can't remember). Mine came this week, and it has good coupons ($1/2 brownie mixes, etc.)...and they are double-able. A lot of the Betty Crocker/General Mills say DND, but these do not. One of them is for $1/2 frosting, so I think that would make some free frosting if you have the coupon.

The Saunders Blog said...

I noticed in the ad the tuna that is $1 is in a can, not pouch..... all the coupons are for tuna pouches. Do you know if the tuna pouches are the same price??

smiling_mama said...

Your so Awesome! Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!!!

Cathy said...

Saunders -

You're right, the cans are on sale for $1, but the pouches are too! You'll find them on page 4 - top right. :) YAY for free tuna!

Shannon said...

I went to Albertsons today and checked and the pouches are 1.00. However there were not many on the shelf so I saw my favorite stocker and told him about doubles and that those would be free. I told him to order more and asked him to special order me 14 and set them aside. He was happy to do it. Yah, this week I won't miss out.

Julie said...

A while ago (the last time there were doubles, I guess) there was that Activia coupon that came to your email inbox, and it was a bricks coupon and double-able. I just wanted to let whomever I was talking about that with before know that if you check your email again, there should be another email from Activia congratulating you on finishing your first week of the challenge...and that email has a link to another bricks/double-able coupon. Hurrah for free yogurt (not this week, I guess, but soon I'm sure).

The Saunders Blog said...

Woo Hoo!! Free tuna! :) Thanks

Julie said...

where are you getting the tuna coupon?

also can some one leave a link to the cheese coupon?

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Starkist Tuna Pouch $1
DOUBLE $1/2 from RP 2/4
Stock up on Tuna by purchasing $1.00/2 coupons on eBay!
Final Price: FREE

The tuna coupon is in the Red plum Feb 4th insert!

The cheese coupon will be on coupons.com in a few days around march 1st. Click on the blue coupons.com banner on the side to get the the page.

Kendraa said...

Do you have problems doubling a MFR coupon that states DO NOT DOUBLE? I have seen this a lot on different blog sites and if you read the fine print of the twice the value coupon, it does not state anywhere that they won't double those coupons. That is on the (MFR)coupons to protect the MFR. Albertsons pays the double amount, not the MFR. So you aren't breaking the "DO NOT DOUBLE" on the coupon.
I have never had any problems with this and didn't even notice it until I started seeing it on blogs. After a fiasco at our local Albertsons, a local coupon blogger called the Head manager and asked a lot of questions, including this one...he said there was no problem doubling those coupons and that to help with that confusion, Albertsons calls these coupons "Twice The Value" instead of doublers!

Just trying to help!!
Check it out with your local Albertsons...

Cathy said...

Kendraa -

Yes, this is something that we've been dealing with for awhile now. And around here, majority of the stores won't double. Sadly, it's just one of those YMMV things.