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Friday, December 11, 2009

FREE Photo Calendar!!

For years, I would make my parents a custom photo calendar for Christmas. Back in High School (early 90's - yes I'm THAT old), I would find pictures, take them to Kinkos, make color copies, and glue them onto pages of a spiral bound calendar. Then Kinkos started making custom calendars, and I did that (man it was expensive!). THEN, after being married and having my own children, I discovered Shutterfly. Not only did I make a calendar for my parents, I was making some for myself as well. But THEN I discovered Google Calendar (which I love to pieces) and stopped making calendars, because I simply wasn't using the cute photo calendar and didn't want to spend the $ on something I wouldn't use. Sad, isnt' it?

But I'm BACK AT IT this year! Because I've found that VISTA PRINT, where I can design AND print my custom photo calendar FREE!!! I like all the options they give you for the design and layout. I'm excited to create and order one! I'm thinking of making one for my 10 year old daughter and use pictures of her over the past years. She'll love it!

FREE 2010 Photo Calendar

ALSO - If you haven't ordered your custom photo cards yet, you still have time!! The 75% off offer is STILL going!!

75% Off Photo Holiday Cards & Free Shipping!

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Kim said...

Hi, how much was shipping? Thanks for the tip!

Cathy said...

Hi Kim - I haven't had a chance to make one yet, I only clicked around a bit to see how it worked. I WAS intedning to make it this weekend, but my computer crashed, and I won't have it back until Monday. :( If you find out, let us know! Thanks!

Erin H. said...

I love Vista Print. I used them for my wedding save-the-date cards, and for our Christmas cards. I only got 50% off though :( Not sure how I missed the 75% deal. Great company though!

Marti Bair said...

Shipping was the expensive part. Like $7 for 21 day delivery. $14 for 2 week. I made the calendar and backed out at the last minute because of shipping.

Monica said...

YOU know Marti I have shopped around in the past and usually make mine at Costco photo center.

After shipping the Costco one costs me about $20, so I would say $14 is a great deal if you can wait two weeks. It might even squeek in just before Christmas.

Bummer that you spent the time to make it and it did not work out for you.

ridiculousness said...

I received my Vista Print photo calendar this week. It is a gift for my mother and I paid the extra $.75 for color icons that you can place on the actual dates... this is a really cool feature. I was able to put little wedding rings and cupcakes for anniversaries and birthdays, along with the name of the celebrant! I will say that the pages are a bit thin... they did offer me heavier paper for an extra fee and if this were going into a home with little ones, I would recommend it! The photo quality was great, the background choices are lovely and I cannot remember the shipping, but it wasn't too bad... I opted for the longest shipping period, but it was here within a week. Also, I am on their email list and they constantly send me offers for freebies... I can combine these into one shipment and that makes the shipping bearable. Yes, the shipping increases a little with each item you order, but is not as bad as that initial shipping price. Hope this helps!