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Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is Why I Coupon!

Tonight for dinner we had spaghetti and for Dessert we had pie and ice cream.

Look how much it cost me using coupons?

1 lb Hamburger $1.68 (Paul's on sale froze it for later)
1 Jar of Prego .50 (Albertson's promo)
1 box of Ronzoni Wheat Pasta FREE (Albies Double Deal)

I went half and half on the Pasta Sauce! Prego is our favorite, but Ragu can not stand alone and I need to use it up!

Total: $2.19 for the MEAL or .37 a serving
(It made 6 servings)

My old way of shopping would have been like this:

1lb of Hamburger $2.69 (see PYP Costco Price list)
1 Jar Prego $2.00 (average price at Winco)
1 box of Pasta $2.00 (average price at Winco)

Total: $6.69 for the meal or $1.06 per serving

Pie and Ice Cream the coupon Way!
Sara Lee Pie .41 (Albertsons Deal)
Breyer's Ice Cream .41 (Albertsons Deal)

Only $0.82 for the whole dessert! It could easily serve 8 making it .10 a serving

Dessert the old Way:

Sara Lee Pie $6.39
Breyer's Ice Cream $3.00 (In Walmart ad this week)

Total: $9.39 for the whole dessert or $1.17 per serving

Let's Compare Again:
COUPON Dinner and Dessert: $3.01 or .38 per person
OLD WAY Dinner and Dessert: $16.08 or $2.01 per person

You see why I coupon?

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laceylady said...

Thanks for the breakdown comparison, its great motivation to keep on couponing. Just imagine what you would have paid at a restaurant for it all.
I like the idea of mixing the 2 sauces.

Betsy said...

I just started couponing 2 months ago and I'm officially addicted. I love seeing this breakdown to remind me (like I ever forget) of why I'm doing this. I got all these same deals and now I can tell my husband how much I spent on dinner (only we get to have leftovers - so two dinners worth!). THANKS for ALL the hard work you do!!!!!

Stephanie said...

I love doing this in my head while making meals!! It's sooo cool to see just how much you spent and how much you got for it! :)

kami said...

Awesome, thanks for the post! I haven't tried breaking down meal prices yet but I do love to see my food cabinets filled up ALL the way to the ceiling! It's great! Oh, and let's not forget all the tioletries in my bathroom cupboard!