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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Get Your Pie A La Mode

If you're planning on taking advantage of the Sara Lee/Breyers Ice Cream deal at Albertsons... THURSDAY is the day to do it!

Here is what we DO know:
Purchase 1 Sara Lee Pie for $6.39, receive ANOTHER Sara Lee Pie, PLUS two Breyers Ice Cream FREE!!

You can use 1 Sara Lee Pie Coupon, and 1 Breyers Ice Cream coupon from 10/14 RP (don't get me started, but that is how it is... still a fab deal!).

Here is what we are hearing mixed reports on:

The $30/$15 catalina is STILL printing, and will end Thursday the 12th at midnight. Our own trusty Cheryl/Hiccups did this deal just today and it worked!


Purchase 5 Sara Lee Pies
Get 5 MORE Sara Lee Pies FREE
Get 10 boxes of Breyers Ice Cream FREE (so you'll want to grab 10 pies & 10 ice creams)
= $31.95 (plus tax)
USE: 5 $1/1 Sara Lee Frozen Dessert
USE: 5 $.75/1 Breyers Ice Cream from 10/14 RP
- $8.75 in coupons
= $23.20
- $15.00 catalina from previous sale (you still have one, RIGHT!?!)
= $8.20 (plus tax) OOP
PLUS receive a $15 catalina (will stop printing Thursday at midnight!)


If you don't see it on the shelf, ask if they have more in the back. This sale was HOT last year and is even HOTTER this year... but we think they are prepared for it! They just don't have enough freezer space to put cases and cases out (like they do with cereal for example).

PLEASE REMEMBER: YMMV on this one. It seems to be working for some, and not for others. So go give it a try and leave comments about where this is working AND how well the stores are stocked!!

Fab Deal! Thanks Cheryl for bringing the catalina news to our attention!

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Fabulessly Frugal said...

I have a few sources that are saying this will print by buying 8 ice cream and 8 pies.

Melinda said...

I bought 8 in one transaction @ Ammon Albies in Idaho Falls, & no Catalina :(

Cheryl_hiccups said...

The only way 8 is going to work is if the person bought some of the Ragu and Skippy, too. Or anything else that was on that promo last week as long as it brought the total to $30. I'm guessing that's what caused the mix up with the reports of 8 and 8.

The Braithwaite Family said...

There is a coupon for $1.00 off 2 Breyers at this link: http://offers.e-centives.com/mcp/pd.cfm?encp=rXYWX6VnN5OYQIZG1wbz8XNJBA6qUvSq5iJpojOCi6cTLrF2iSN2TzYHvtYVFpD1kZsk1dzJEtAh%0D%0AILk4h%2BWF8w%3D%3D
To save a little more or if you don't have enough of the newspaper ones.

Mandy said...

Wednesday night, I tried getting the catalina to print by just buying 8 pies and 8 ice creams, but it wouldn't. Then, I tried by getting 10 of each, and it worked. The ice cream price listed on the shelf is buy one at $6.39 and then get one free, which is the same price as last week.

Also, the Fairview and Meridian Store would not take the $1/2 Breyers coupon from esavers, but the 5mile and Overland store took it without any hesitation.

jadell said...

I just got back from 5/U and Fairview/Cole. Both have a great selection--5/U better than the other. I got 10 pies and 10 ice creams at both stores--thinking cmas gifts for local friends/family-who doesn't love pie and ice cream? :) Catalina's printed at both stores. :)

jadell said...

I just got back from 5/U and Fairview/Cole. Both have a great selection--5/U better than the other. I got 10 pies and 10 ice creams at both stores--thinking cmas gifts for local friends/family-who doesn't love pie and ice cream? :) Catalina's printed at both stores. :)

Cheryl_hiccups said...

Jadell, THANK YOU for confirming it's still working today!

Cheryl_hiccups said...

My friend, Sally, just tried to go do this deal at Cherry and 10 Mile and they are insisting that they need to split each set of pie and ice cream into separate transactions. Just a heads up.

Jennifer said...

It worked at Glenwood this morning! WHOO HOO!! I did 4 sets of pies/ice cream plus a couple skippy and ragu. Its deals like this that keep me couponing!! ;)

The Glutz Family said...

I bought 8 pies/ice cream, and added two progresso soups and the catalina printed. My store (Eagle & McMillan) was not accepting the internet Breyers coupons, but they were very well stocked. I came back from the store so giddy, if I had more newspaper coupons, I'd do it again! Thanks for the heads up about the catalinas!!

Judith said...

It worked for me in Keizer, OR.
I bought 10 pies/ice cream and the cat printed! They were filling up the shelves, while I was there, so there should be lots left...

Erin said...

When trying to get to the $30 mark, would I use the sale price for Skippy ($.99) and Ragu ($.88) or would I use the regular price?

Tyree said...

I got 6 pies 6 ice cream 4 ragu and 4 skippy and the $15 catalina printed. (if I'd printed enough coupons would have worked out $15.75 get $15) I was $5 short cause I didn't print enough coupons but great deal worked out to be $5.75 oop facturing catalina in. Could be as low as 75 cents.

Cathy said...

Erin - Sale price :)

Tyree said...

The Ragu and skippy in my transaction I used the $2 skippy and $1.69 Ragu to get to $30 and I got to the Catalina just fine :) Still using the Albertson coupons for both.

The Robbs said...

Bought 10 pies and 10 Bryers today at Payette. They accepted all coupons and a catalina printed!

Chelsea said...

Just a heads up for Portland area shoppers.. West Linn Albertson's is also printing this catalina. It worked with 10 pies/ice creams.

Meaghan said...

Hi Ladies-
I went to the Albies on Five Mile and Ustick today and was able to get 10 ice cream and 10 pies for $6.87 including the tax! I used 5 $1.00 off 2 Bryers and 8 $1.00 of Sara Lee coupons. If I could of printed 10 of the Sara Lee I would of done that. Then I used the $15 catalina. And it printed the $15 catalina for my next order. They said that it will end at midnight and that for some reason the catalinas aren't printing on all the right orders but they are fixing the problem. Thanks for all your hard work!

Katie said...

I would love to do this deal but it is already after 6 and the Sara Lee coupons I have say on any 1 Sara Lee Simple Sweets pie. Is this the coupon you use? I thought the sale was on the oven fresh pies. If anyone could answer me I would really appreciate it!!!!! I would love to deliver pie and ice cream to friends this holiday season!

Monica said...


We are using the $1 off coupons from here: http://coupons.redplum.com/offers/default.aspx?Id=FabulessyFrugal&DefaultZipCode=
You can print 2 per computer. The catalina will print until midnight so you still have time to go.

I did it once today with 5 Breyers coups and no Sara Lee coups and it worked out to be $15.xx so .75 per item.

If you can get to the store it is an awesome deal!

Katie said...

Thanks Monica!

Angie said...

Thanks for this fantastic information. I bought pies and ice cream for an upcoming church activity. What a deal! Also, I loved and appreciated how excited the cashiers were for me.

Cathy said...

So happy for all of you who got the deal!!! And THANK YOU Cheryl who brought this to our attention!!!

danberg said...

okay, so do these deals work in all states with albertsons? I know Arizona has different Albs, but do the catalinas work the same from state to state? Just curious.

Fabulessly Frugal said...


They seem to work in all states. You will have to go give it a try. If it does not work out you can always just make a return.

This promo we believe ended Thursday. Sometimes these deals are advertised and sometimes they are discovered!