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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coupon Tip Tuesday: A little Q&A

Q1. I like the idea of organizing coupons with the baseball cards slots in a binder, but how I'm not sure how to break them down into subjects.

A. Check out my how I organize my binder by clicking HERE. Later you can also find it under "organization" in the label cloud or table of contents, also in the Coupon Tip Tuesday series.

Q2. Can you use a coupon on an already "in store sale" item?

A. YES, that is the best strategy!

Q3. When it says do not double or triple this coupon what does it mean?

A. Some stores will have special days when they will give you twice or triple the value of your coupons. They will not be allowed to double or triple the ones that say do not double.

Q4. Where can you send your unused expired coupons?

A. Overseas Coupon Program HERE (next time find this under "overseas coupon program" in the label cloud or table of contents.)

Q5. I did the Grocery Smarts (PYP) list for Albertsons, but I wasn' t clear how to get the coupons that are shown on the list. If I click on the link, can I print them twice, or do I go back and start over?

A. Here is a tutorial for using the shopping list. You can print them twice on the web site or by clicking through again. It does not automatically print them twice. Any coupons on that sheet labeled Group A can be printed by clicking though our site at coupons.com. Group C can be printed using RedPlum on our site. Remember you can help support our site by clicking through to print. :) Both of those coupons can be accessed by clicking on the rectangular and square banners on the far right of the site.

Q6. I found coupons in the Sunday paper ads last week. Some were also the same coupons on Red Plum and Coupons.com from your site. Can I print and use them as well as the ads from the paper?

A. Yes you can use as many coupons as you have items. You could not combine an internet coupon with a newspaper coupon on the same item.

Q7. When should I do more than one transaction?

A. Multiple transactions are needed when you are shopping at Albertsons and using their twice the value coupons (more info HERE). You can only use a set of three double/twice the value coupons per transaction.

Also if you are doing a deal where they say spend $30 get $15 back you will want to get promotional items in groups to add up to $30 or a little more. Then do the same thing in a separate transaction if you need more. Remember only add up items from the promotion when getting to your $30.

Q8. How many transactions do you do from one cart before you feel you need to go back and start over?

A. I limit myself to 3 transactions in a row, then go out to my car unload and come back in if I have time, or just come back another day if I am not done shopping. Read HERE for more info on multiple transactions. Also you will want to limit your number of transactions if the store is busy. Here is some info on when to shop.

Q9. The coupons printed in color. Can you change them to black and white or do they need to be in color? That is so expensive to print them all in color I was just wondering if there is a rule on that.

A. You can print them in black and white. They don't need to be in color, just change your printer settings. You can even print on scratch paper. Learn more about printing coupons HERE

Q10. One of your tips is to print the coupons at the beginning of the month. Are there new coupons every week or just ones I haven't printed from the first of the month that are still available to me?

A. New coupons come at the beginning of the month and sometimes part way through as well. Most coupons will remain available all month, but the good ones often go fast.

Lastly, here is some info on coupon shopping etiquette.


Kristine said...

The link for the oversea's coupons says it is not there anymore. Do you happen to have another one?

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Not sure why the link to that post is not working, but here is the website: http://www.ocpnet.org/