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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Albertsons 11/4-11/10

This is a hot week at Albertsons! Feel free to check out our preview post, or just start reading all the tips in this post!!

Just a quick review of the promo and how it works:

Purchase $30 of participating items. What is marked on teh shelf is their current "sale price". Use this amount to get you total to $30. When you go to check out, you'll redeem all your coupons and your total out of pocket will go down depending on which coupons you use. After you pay a "voucher" will print out of the catalina machine for $15.00 (or three catalina's valued at $5 each). If you want to, you can do ANOTHER transaction of $30. This time, you'll hand the cashier all your coupons PLUS the catalina's you just received. Now your total out of pocket will be MUCH less! And you're right - another $15.00 of catalinas will print out after you pay! Albertsons will allow you to do 3 separate transactions in a row. If you want to do more, simply take your groceries out to your car and come back in!

Here are printable coupons you'll want to use for this sale!

Here are some items you'll find coupons for from coupons.com - the amount after the item is the final cost after coupons and promo are factored in.

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch $.45
Betty Crocker Frosting $.35
Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes $.45
Betty Crocker Chex Mix $.35
Kleenex Facial Tissues $.34
Pillsbury Crescents $1.00
Yoplait Tub Yogurt $.50
Yoplait Delights $.25
Yoplait YoPlus $.25
Viva Big Roll Paper Towels $.80
Progresso Traditional Soup $.49
Progresso Broth $.25
General Mills Cereal $.44
General Mills Cheerios $.39

From REDPLUM you'll find coupons for these items:

Wishbone Salad Dressing (use zip code 45345) $.25
Kelloggs Frosted Mini Wheats (use for buy 3 get 1 gallon of free milk promo) $1.75

From SmartSource.com you'll find coupons for these item:

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch $.45
Betty Crocker Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna Helpers $.60
Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes $.45
Betty Crocker Chex Mix $.35
Kleenex Facial Tissues $.34
Pillsbury Crescents $1.00
Progresso Broth $.25
Progresso Traditional Soup $.49
Viva Big Roll Paper Towels $.80
Yoplait Yo-Plus $.25

Gold Medal Flour $.50/1 $.39
Golden Grahams $1/2 (FF) or $1/2 (IE) $.44

Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides $1/3 Printable $.17

You will also find more coupons at BettyCrocker.com and Pillsbury.com. Or click over to our preview post for all the coupons we could find!

HERE is the SCOOP from our FABULOUSLY FRUGAL readers!

As of this morning, these stores are reportedly VERY well stocked (leave a comment about your store if it's not listed here):
Ustick/Five Mile
5&O - no Kleenex until Saturday
Fairview/Cherry - all Kleenex taken
Nampa 12th & Greenhurst

A few things to be aware of:
A few readers have reported some issues with the catalina's printing. They are working out the bugs. So if you cat does NOT print, be sure to bring it to the cashiers attention so they can double check the receipt and force one through for you!
And from reader Tracy:
Their Tide sale today is a mis-print - it SHOULD read $9.99 EACH when you buy 2, which is only a $1 savings each jug - yawn!!! As you read the ad, it looks like both for $9.99, bummer!! AND - I found a smokin' un-advertised deal, they have Jimmy Dean plain sausage in 1 lb tubes marked down for quick sale to .99 cents from $4.99!! It is only on the plain, no flavored stuff but still a GREAT stocking up savings, for cooking, soups, pizza, etc!!
And from reader Cheryl:
A heads up about this promo... the Breyer's ice cream is also included. It is on sale for $6.39 BOGO. I was curious as to whether it would work like the Dr. Pepper Buy $20, Get $5 catalina just did. (As in, would it count the price of the free one towards the total for making $30... would buying six count as $38.34 towards your total or as 19.17?) I tested it with a manager this morning and it is taking the 6.39 off along the way and NOT at the end like the Dr. Pepper promo and buying 6 Breyers will not trigger the cat to print.

Oh and thanks to Superbob0000 at SD here's a link to the UPC list for this promo.

Here are your Albertsons printable shopping lists - Thanks PYP!


If you have no idea what this PRINTABLE SHOPPING LIST IS, then you MUST go see our pictorial about using this FABULESS tool.

ATTN Utah: There are the Albertsons that are running this particular sale:

915 Redcliffs Dr. Washington UT
745 N. Dixie Dr. St. George UT
835 S. Bluff St. St. George UT
740 N. Main, Tooele UT
25 W. Center St. Orem UT
1585 N. State St. Orem UT
1653 W. 9000 S. West Jordan UT
6950 S. Redwood Rd. West Jordan UT
3871 W. 5400 S. Taylorsville UT

And before I say goodbye, here is a scenario:

1st Transaction:
2 - Yoplait Delights $2.49/each - use $1.00/1 from coupons.com (print twice)
2 - Yoplait YoPlus $2.49/each - use $1.00/1 from coupons.com (print twice)
4 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.88/each - use $1.00/2 from coupons.com (print twice)
2 - Gold Medal Flour $1.79/each - use $.50/1 (print twice)
6 - Kleenex (110 ct) $.99/each - use $.50/3 from coupons.com (print twice)
2- Betty Crocker Chex Mix $1.67/each - use $.50/1 from coupons.com (print twice)

$30.38 Total BEFORE coupons
- $9.00 (coupons)
=$21.38 Total OOP
Receive $15.00

2nd Transaction:
12 - Progresso Broth $1.49/each - use $.50/1 or $.50/1 or $.50/1 from 10/4 SS (I have 4 of these) or $.50/1 (printing each one twice)
4 - Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch $1.69/each - use $.40/1 and $.40/1 (print each twice)
2 - Betty Crocker Frosting $1.69/each - use $.50/1 from coupons.com (print twice)
1 - Wish Bone Salad Dressing $1.99/each - use $.50/1 (use zip code 45345)

$30.01 Total BEFORE coupons
- $9.10
- $15 catalina from first transaction
=$5.91 total OOP (out of pocket)
RECEIVE: $15.00 catalina to use on your next transaction!

3rd Transaction

10 Breyers Ice Cream (Buy One, Get One Free - $6.39 each) - use .75/1 from 10/13RP
- $7.50 (coupons)
= 24.45
- $15.00 catalina from 2nd transaction
= $9.45 total OOP
RECEIVE: ANOTHER $15.00 cat!!
(thanks for the ice cream scenario Amber!)

So leave your comments - tell us what you're doing (or email your pix and transactions and we'll post them!), let everyone know how your store is stocked and SHARE THE LOVE!!! Woo hoo!

ps - there very well could be doubles on Sunday! We'll let you know when we've had a VISUAL! ;)


Loren and Tama said...

awesome!!!! Thanks so much. The scenarios are helping a greenie like me immensely. You gals are fabulously fabuless!!!

Michelle said...

The 5Mile/Overland store will not have any Kleenex in until Saturday and GGRRRRRRR! to the lady who bought them ALL at the Cherry Lane store. (so they don't have any either and said that they wouldn't get more). Otherwise, well stocked with other things.

Cathy said...

People that HOARD are frustrating!!! If you want a whole slew of something, then MAKE AN ORDER PEOPLE!!

Thanks for the update Michelle. I was going to go tonight to 5&O, I'll need to take Kleenex off my list!

cleanhousefreak said...

What an amazing Albertsons trip!! I walk out paying $43.00 for $176.00 worth of groceries!!. This includes pot roasts and chicken breasts. I did have trouble at the register when my catalinas didn't print for my first or second transaction or for my free milk. The manager had to come over and add everything up with a calculator then give me my (2) $15 catalinas. I think the problem at my Albertsons ( Kent, Wa. ) was that the Yoplait yogurt wasn't ringing up as part of the promotion and I had to point it out in the add to both the cashier and manager. Everything turned out ok and everybody was very friendly and helpful.

Amber said...

For a church activity we need ice cream to feed about 50 plus people, so here is what I am doing: I am waiting until doublers come out (the manager at 5&O confirmed there will be doublers on Sunday!!) and then buying 5 cartons of Breyers. They are B1G1, so I will get 5 free and pay $31.95 for 10 cartons of ice cream. Then I will use 10 .75/1 10/18-RP and double 3. That will take off $9.75, bringing my total down to $22.20. Factor in the $15 cat and I will pay .72 cents per carton!!!!! CRAZY!

Amber said...

ps. I placed an order for a specific flavor, so I would be clearing the freezer!

Cheryl_hiccups said...

Here's a warning about that UPC list. As I look at it more closely, I'm seeing that it doesn't have ANY of the Dove, Axe or Q-tip stuff on it. The items it does have appear to be accurate, though. Use the list with care.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Amber- Thanks for not clearing the freezer! Also thanks for the scenario, I think I will be restocking my Breyers supply!

Kathryn E said...

I can't seem to find the Viva Big Roll paper towels. Is there a zip code? Thanks

Terry said...

I was at the Cole and Fairview Albertsons tonight and they are out of the kleenex as well - does anyone know if any of the Albies have the reduced fat skippy and if it is part of the promo? Its the only kind my hubby likes and cole/fairview didnt have any. OH, they were out of the unbleached Gold Medal flour also (plenty of the bleached kind available)...does anyone know if the bread flour is included? Thanks :)

Meaghan said...

I can't find the coupon for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Can you please help me out? Thanks!

Monica said...

Terry- check the UPC list. http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AvCNA1X49cYgdHRUR2NMTjRaNW84TW85TWVIazZHVWc&hl=en

Cathy said...

Meaghan - So annoying! HCW and PYP shopping list say there is one there, but I'm not seeing it either! (It is for a bunch of diff General Mills Cereals). BUT - I did find a bricks coupon for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch:




Kathryn -

Same story on the paper towels! Although I couldn't find any other printables. Sorry about that! (But I must say it was the shopping list and HCW database that led me astray!) ;p

Cathy said...

Viva Paper Towels - try here:


Cathy said...

Also there is some in the 10/11 Smart Source.

Loren and Tama said...

I just got home from the Ustick store, they had PLENTY of kleenex (as well as all the other advertised items). I bought 12 boxes, and the shelf was still full, plus they had a separate display at the back of the store. They had every thing I was looking for. This was my first major couponing gig...I did great! $303.31 in groceries for $64.67. This included 10# of chicken and also a large bag of shrimp. I bought the large (150 oz.) Tide that was marked down $6.00, and had a $5.00 in-store coupon, plus a $2.00/1 coupon I found online randomly. Tide is always expensive, but it worked out much better than their $9.99/1 deal for the smaller size. I have to throw in that the store was deserted (at 11pm) and I had an awesome checker who took so much time to help me figure it all out. She was impressed that all my catalinas actually printed on my first trip :) I also learned why they are called "catalinas" haha. I understand the system so much better now. Wow! I am hooked!

Loren and Tama said...

btw, there is a peelie on some of the cheerios boxes that is good for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch as well ($1.00/2). I used a Cheerios coupon to get 2 boxes, and used the two peelies for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, since I couldn't find the coupon on coupons.com either.

Monica said...

Loren and Tama- UH ya I am up at 12:50 am too. Great job. It is sooooo exciting when everything comes together and you finally feel that coupon high!

Thanks for the heads up on the Ustick store. Maybe I will go there in the morning.

I will keep my eyes peeled for the peelies! :)

Cathy said...

TAMA!! Awesome to hear about your fab shopping trip!! I'm so glad things went smoothly for you! And thanks for the heads up on Ustick adn the Peelies! WHOO HOO!

Courtenay said...

I am new to this. How do I place an order so I don't clear the shelves?

Cathy said...

Courtenay -
You'll want to contact your grocery manager (ask for him at customer service), to place an order. You'll probably want to do it today so it'll come in time before the sale is over. Just ask your grocery manager when the order will be in. Then go that day and pick it up and pay for it! Let me know if you have any other questions.