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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Save on the Proposal

I love this movie, "The PROPOSAL" I laughed so hard! I am one of those people that only sees a movie once, but his one will be an exception! In fact I almost paid $13 to see it at our hotel last week. Gulp! I didn't though. I just couldn't spend that money, especially when I know it would be on video this week.

Anyway enough about me. If you want your own personal copy of this movie (or a gift) you can get a fab coupon for $5 off DVD or $10 off Blue Ray!

Thanks Reader Silvia for sharing the COUPON LOVE!
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Jen Gillespie said...

I just printed my coupon, and it expires in 4 days. Did yours expire that quickly?

Chad and Becca said...

Mine does too, but this week it is on sale at Walmart for 15.86 so that would make it 10.86. This movie was hilarious! I am going to get it tomorrow!!!

heatherlf said...

isn't albertsons giving away a free case of pop with it too in the add it says something

Monica said...

It did say offer ends soon! Too bad we can not wait for a fab deal to stack this with!

heather is right! You can buy it at Albies for 19.95 and get a free 12 pack of pepsi product!

Stephanie said...

I have downloaded the coupon printer 5 times and I still can't figure out how to get my coupon to print...HELP
:) purdy please.

lzjones said...

my coupons printed ok but they are in spanish or french or something... will Walmart or Best Buy still take them???

Monica said...

Ughh that is frustrating! It could be your browser? Do you use Internet Explorer?

Here is some info I got from freebie blogger that should help!

The problem is that most of these coupons have a link that is meant to be printed in a certain browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari). When you try to print a coupon in a different browser than was intended, you will get one of those annoying messages

The trick below is made by just changing two characters in the link.

The following is a Firefox link:

Note the “wg” in the URL (I have put it in bold for you). This is telling you it is a Firefox link.

To make that link an Internet Explorer link, you will simply change the “wg” to “wi” or “vi”. It will take a little trial and error to determine which combination will be the fix. The easiest way to make this fix is to paste the original link into a Word document, make the change needed and then paste the corrected link into the address bar and press “enter” on the keyboard.

If the link had a “wi” or “vi” it would be an Internet Explorer link. To make it print in Firefox, just change the “wi” or “vi” to “wg”.

You can also use this trick to print coupons in Safari. Just replace the “wg”, “wi”, or “vi” to “xs”. And to get a Safari link to print in a different browser, change the “xs” to“wi” or “vi” for Internet Explorer or to “wg” for Firefox.

Let me know how it goes.

lzjones- if you look again at the link you have the option to print in french and english. You must have slected french. If you only printed once I would go print again in english. You should be allowed two prints. I think redeeming it at walmart in french is going to vary by cashier!

JUST FYI: THE DVD is 18.99 at Costco and blue ray is $23.99. Of course you can not use the coupon at Costco but that gives you and idea of the going rate for this new release.

Chad and Becca said...

I went to Walmart today to get my DVD and in store it is listed at 19.96, online it was cheaper but you can't use the coupon. So Albertsons is a way better deal. Oh and I was super excited because they price match and I got my playskool pop ball toy for 5.99! yay!