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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I Learned at Albies Today

I went to Albertsons early this morning so as to avoid taking my half pints with me after my hubby leaves for work. There was some major controversy over the Select Harvest Soups because they had not been tagged yet and were not all ringing up correctly. So I had to put my soup back and purchase only the 4 varieties I was told were on sale.

After doing so, the kind checker came back and said after calling around, she found out all varieties are on sale except the light variety. So I repeated the process of putting my soup back and making my desired selections. On my 2nd transaction, my Catalina did not print. The checker asked someone else about it and we were told that you have to wait 2 minutes before paying again or it won't print.

So I learned 2 things:

All varieties of Select Harvest soup are on sale except the light ones.
You have to pay 2 minutes apart for your transactions or your Catalina will not print.

If I was a new couponer, this morning would have discouraged me. But I was very kind and patient, and so were the checkers. Remember that if something goes wrong, and you stay calm and kind, the checkers will be a lot more responsive and willing to help you out.

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Amber said...

Things were a mess at my Albertson's too. My checker was SO nice and found a UPC that was working and just typed it in for all of the cans that I had (none of them were light). I felt so bad for the checker because I had 14 cans of soup and the girl behind me had at least 30. What a long day they have ahead of them!

Idaho Lucas Fam said...

I had the same problem with the soups this morning. Same thing with typing in the UPC's. I only did one transaction and it still took forever! Mine was the Cherry Lane Albies. Were they all messed up?

AJ said...

Sounds like it! I was at the Albertsons on 12th in Nampa. At least we helped them figure it out for everyone else who goes to buy soup today!

cheryl_hiccups said...

I did 2 transactions (not back-to-back, though) with the select harvest soup this morning and had no problems. Of course, I just bought clam chowder, heh. But I just wanted to post a positive experience :)

Terry said...

I did the soup deal with 10 kids soup (double noodle) and two harvest select (tomato w/basil) and no catalina. I think it was the harvest selects that were not working. My cashier was very nice and forced a cat through for me and let me know they just need to get all the bugs worked out the first day.

Monica said...

Just got from a lunch break run. 12th in Nampa.
Easy Peasy! No problems for me. I did stay away from the lite soups though!

AJ said...

That's because I worked out all the problems for you this morning. You're Welcome! ;)

Monica said...

Hey thanks AJ for working that out. I stuck to your advice and did not get any lite soup. Thanks for giving everyone a heads up.