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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabulously Frugal...

Soup is a fabulously frugal item to have in your pantry! And right now, as Monica shared in the Albertsons 9/16 preview post, you can get a can of soup for .13 (this is factoring in the sale price of $.50, then the $5 catalina you'll receive wyb $15 of participating items, PLUS the $.40/4 coupon found in the 9/13 SS... and if you DOUBLE 3 of those, you're going to save a LOT of money!)

SO - am I going to STOCK UP on this soup? Ummmm, yes-siree-bob!

I only have 6 inserts with the coupon in it. This means I will only be able to purchase 24 cans of soup. That isn't enough for my growing family! So what am I going to do???

  • THEN I'm going to contact my friendly Albertsons grocery manager and place an order for the soup that I want.
  • If I order my coupons today (because I do the "buy it now" auctions, so I don't have to worry about having a bidding war), I'm pretty sure I'll have my coupons by Saturday at the latest (I'm going to double check with the seller).
  • Then I'll go to the store and pick up my soup with out clearing the shelves!!

Q's about eBay? Read my
eBay 101.

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Jilene said...

have you had any luck finding the right coupons on ebay? I looked and they are all for the harvest soups or the non tomato and chicken noodle soups. Any suggestions?

Cathy said...

Yep! I just scored 10 - $1/10 chicken noodle/tomato soup coupons. Paid $1.75 with shipping. These are worth $20 to me since I'll be able to double every one of them!

Also, I think I saw some coupons for the chunky soup, which Idaho did NOT get coupons for.

Katie said...

There have also been Prego coupons on Ebay that will work nicely with this sale. My husband is picky about his spaghetti sauce, and the great Ragu deal just wasn't going to work for him :)

Cathy said...

PREGO!!! Love it!

Rachel @ burpiebaby.blogspot.com said...

i got 30 cans for free.
Using the link on my previous albertsons posting for $1/2 campbells soup,
I bought 30 cans of chicken noodle and tomato campbell's soup this morning.

I used
3 store doublers
6 IP $1/2 coupons (used 3 computers)
3 insert coupons for .40 off (i only had 3 inserts from yesterday)

Subtotal was $15.90 with tax
after coupons the subtotal was $4.80 + .43cents tax= $5.23 out of pocket
THEN i got the $5 oyno catalina back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you factor that in, then i got all 3o cans for FREE

-----You can add or subtract from the IPs and insert coupons I used, based on how many inserts and IPs you have. so if you have more IPs it would a huge moneymaker, or use lots of inserts and save. For example, I could have used a couple more inserts if I had them or if i had more computers i could use more IPs, to cover up to 30 cans.

Rachel @ burpiebaby.blogspot.com said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cathy said...

Rachel - The $1/2 IP's are for Campbell's Cooking Soups, not for Tomato or Chicken Noodle.

I'm going to use that coupon for what it is intended for. Right now, if you double this coupon, you can get a can of Cream of Mushroom for $.09 - as seen on Utah Deal Diva:


Mommy Frugalness At It's Finest said...

I got the cream of mushroom last night at Albertson's it was priced at $0.99 can so it made it free! Using $1/2 AND Doubler!