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Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Love the Sunday Paper and Albertsons Doubles!!

If you recall, I told you how fun it was to open my front door Sunday mornings and see a load of newspapers out front.

Do you have THIS spread???

And do your kidlets get their VERY OWN COPY of the Comics?? (mine do!)

You can have this sort of fun too! Just check out our local NEWSPAPER DEALS! Not only will having a multiple subscription MAJORLY increase your couponing efforts, it will also support our site, so we can keep bringing you the deals! ;p

SO - they slipped THREE SETS of doubles in the Sunday Paper!! They are INSIDE the print section! Where will you find them?

The Idaho Press Tribune: Page 14 of the main
Post Register: A9
The Oregonian: A9
The Seattle Times: A11
(thanks fab readers!!)

  • Where have you found your doublers (did you get any Fab Utah Readers??)?
  • And what double ideas do you have??
  • I'll be posting my ideas later (time to get ready for church!!). In the mean time, you can check out our previous Albies posts for some ideas (just double the coupon value to get your new final cost!).

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Mel said...

None in Utah except st. George. None in Twin Falls Idaho. :(

Karilyn said...

A9 of the Oregonian.

Amber said...

A9 of the Seattle Times!

Amber said...

OOPS, I meant A11 of the Seattle Times!!! I had just read the comment above mine :)

debbie said...

Thanks Cathy -- I called Don and got my current subscription upgraded. It was so exciting to bring in all those newspapers this morning! My husband thinks I'm nuts, ordering 5 Sunday papers... we'll see how nuts he thinks I am when I start showing him all my free/almost free deals. :)

AJ said...

Debbie, this might give you hope - my husband called me last week after going to the store (still during his work day) to let me know he saved more than he spent by buying the brands that were on sale (you know at Albies they tell you how much you saved with your card). He was so proud of contributing to the cause! Nevermind that he didn't use coupons, at least he's trying to save money!! Maybe yours will join the cause eventually :)

Jen said...

Thanks for the tips on the doubles with Albertsons. I just found your website this week and would have missed these. I had to go fish out the newspaper from the recycle bin!

Cathy said...

What a bummer Mel!

And thank you Karilyn and Amber!

Yehaw Debbie! Your hubby will be lovin it very soon indeed!

AJ - that is pretty awesome about your husband!!

The Fullmers said...

My hubbie LOVES to see my receipts and has even been daring enough to accompany me a couple times. Nothing says love like bonding and kindling the love flame over coupons! He also takes me out to dinner way more but only AFTER he has consulted the magical binder of savings!!LOL Your hubbie will also catch coupon-fever just you wait!;)

The Fullmers said...

PS no double coupons for Utah only in St George from what I heard, sad times for us they took away our Red Plums, then Albertsons, and now we have been excluded from the doublers love, sad days for us couponers in Utah!

Cathy said...

Fullmer - A very sad day for Utahans indeed! I've wondered what this means for PYP and Albertsons shopping lists! I hope they don't go away either!

I do LOVE your comments about bonding and "love flames" and coupons! Ha ha!

smiling_mama said...

You girls are crazy! I just found this site a couple of weeks ago and check it about 4 times a day. I love it! Just wanted you to know. Sorry Utah. I just hope that Idaho is not next!! I heard a rumor recently and it was that Albertsons was going to get rid of all the "double coupons". I e-mailed Albertsons right away and they told me that they had no plans on getting rid of doubles at all and we will keep getting them periodically.

Cathy said...

Smiling Mama - We think we're FABULOUS, not CRAZY!! :) Thanks for the compliments! I'm glad you got word that there will continue to be doubles in our future!! What would we do with out our DOUBLES!!!!!!?!??!?!

What really IS crazy is that it's nearly 1am and I'M STILL WORKING ON THIS BLOG!! Ha ha!