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Monday, August 3, 2009

Lunch Break Albies Run $15 off $30 PROMO

6 Lipton sides @1 each = $6
4 All Detergents @ 3.50 each = $14
3 Klondike 6 packs @ $2.50 each = $7.50
1 Nut Cluster @ $2.50 = $2.50
Total =$30

Lipton (3) .75/2 from 8/2 RP (the Red Plum insert in yesterday's paper) Save $2.25
ALL (4) $1.00 off from 8/2 RP (the Red Plum insert in yesterday's paper) Save $3
Klondike (1) $2/3 from buying 2 Breyers/Klodike/popsicle products Save $2
Nut Cluster (1) $1 off PRINTABLE CLICK HERE to print Save $1
$10 off from last weeks Dr. Pepper Promo Save $10
Total Saved $18.25

Used 2 from last weeks Statesman ad match $1=$2
Used 3 from the 7/28-8/4 Albertsons ad match $1 =$3
Used 2 from the 8/2-8/8 Albertsons ad match .75 =$1.50
Saved $6.50

Total $30
-18.50 coupons
- 6.50 doubles
=$5 plus tax
Got back $15 for my next trip
Like getting paid $10 to shop
If you do not have $10 off from Dr. Pepper it equals out to $0.00 plus tax!

Things I learned........

1. You can use more doubles together if they are from different ads. YMMV with your store!

How is it going for you? If you want to share your deals email us a pic with your breakdown to fabulesslyfrugal at gmail dot com and we will add it to this post.

Hope you are having fun!
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cheryl_hiccups said...

I'm curious about the 2 transactions per card per day thing... because I, um, might have done a few more than that and all my cats printed just fine :D

Dana D. said...

k, so I tried to use my doubles this morning; 4(2 from last week and 2 from yesterday's ad). The cashier informed me I could only use 2 at a time. I said they were different and she insisted and would not let me use all of them. Does anyone else have this problem?

Miss Anna B said...

Cheryl_hiccups!! Same with me. I even talked to a front end manager at my favorite albie's about that info I had read and she said that was (and this is a direct quote) "crazy....where did that rumor come from?"

Julie and Michael said...

I shopped early this AM at Parkcenter. The cat didn't print. They printed a duplicate receipt and the manager was going to look into it. I received a call later to come and pick up my $15 cat. She thought maybe my total was "too low" from all of the coupons and it may not have triggered it to print (used 5 doublers). She was very nice about it. Anyone else have this trouble?

GingerS said...

@Dana, Start asking for managers when that happens. It came down from corporate that if they release multiple sets of doublers that run during the same period, you can combine the doublers from each set in one transaction. I've been using 5 per transaction recently with no problem and through tomorrow, you can potentially use 7 per transaction.

@Cheryl and Anna, My husband works for Albertson's corporate office. During the Dr. Pepper madness last week and the honor system that Albertson's had people on to not just go to another location to get around the 8 per day limit, he commented on the fact that Albertson's is missing out on the opportunity to use the cards to enforce limits on people. There's absolutely no reason they couldn't set up the cards this way. But, they haven't. But, honestly, I imagine it's only a matter of time before they do start taking advantage of the ability to enforce the limit through the card.

Reyes said...

I tried to use two doublers at the Broadway Albertson's in Idaho Falls on Tide. They said that the doubler coupons would go against the total to bring it under the required amount to receive the catalina-this was their new policy-so I ended up not using any.

Phelps Family said...

I was shopping at the Albertsons in Caldwell, stadium store and tried to purchase the All detergent as part of my buy $30. I was told by the cashier that the All was not part of the promo and only the yellow highlighted prices applied to the $30 total. Needless to say I did not get as great of a deal as I could have and had planned on and I will be calling tomorrow to speak with the store manager.

AliSmith13 said...

You know...Phelps Family...that would make perfect sense. I did a transaction on Sunday night and it had All in it...my cats didn't print. Did two on Monday with only yellow highlighted prices...cats printed fine, but on my third transaction on Monday I had the Knorr sides and the cat didn't print (which is not a yellow highlighted item)! They wound up forcing it through, but I don't think they realized this. I think that the cashier at the Caldwell store was correct, even though the ad is confusing. I just never put two and two together. Anyone else have this same experience?

Jeffrey said...

The bottom portion of that page, are participating items in the spend $30 get $15. I had no problen at my store. I love going to Overland and 5-Mile, They are terrific there. And now the 5 mile overpass is open, no more detours!!!!!

Kristi M. said...

Last night I was able to do 3 transactions. The cats didn't print on my 1st but the Caldwell stadium store took care of that by running a fake transaction to get them. I headed to the older Caldwell store to pick up a few things that were out at the other and asked about the ALL detergent. They ARE included in the $30 promo and that is when my cats printed for the 3rd time. Awesome!

AliSmith13 said...

Good to know!

Spencer said...

I went to my store last night (South Ogden, UT), and the cat didn't print for me. The manager came over and said that the reason was because the Knorr sides and the Mac. Grill entrees, and all the other items at the bottom of the ad, were NOT part of the promo. I made them reverse my entire transaction and give me my coupons back. It was a HUGE hassle. Seems like every Albertsons is different on this one.

AJ said...

I wrote a comment that didn't show up, so if this appears twice, sorry!

I called Corporate and they said they've had a few calls about this. The CS Reps have been told that the bottom items are included and should be the same for every store this ad covers.

However, if the cats aren't printing, they can't make the stores do anything about it since coupons are at each store's own discretion. The thing is that these cats are part of the promotion, it's not like the dispute is over whether or not they'll take our MQs.

So the word from corporate: this should work everywhere but if it's not, they really can't do much but file a complaint for you. :(

Monica said...

Thanks to all the Fab readers who have been answering each others questions!

I have not had a promblem getting a cat when purchasing the item at the bottom of the ad.

The limit on the card signs were posted at the 12th/7th Nampa stores. I spoke with the GM who said it was a limit done by the promotion. I have not tried to do more than 2 in a day so I really do not know.

Anytime a cat does not print go to CS and tell them. They can force the print of a cat if all of your purchases are correct!

Unfortuantly many cashiers just do not know everything about the promo's so they can give you bad info. It is alway good to ask for a manager if there is a prob.
Keep in mind that you are holding up a line if you do this through the check stand. You can alway go to CS and get things worked out. Or ask before you get in line.

Amy said...

I asked specifically when I went in to my local store, they all said they thought it was only the yellow highlighted, but one gal went to check with the Manager, and she confirmed it is good for everything on that page except the produce. So I got some All detergent, and sure enough my CAT printed just fine. Odd that it would be so different between different stores!

Phelps Family said...

I went to the older Caldwell Albertsons, off Cleveland today, and got the All det and the cat printed just fine. I didn't actually purchase any All last night. My husband was the one purchasing and was stopped by the manager while putting items on the belt. They could see what he was going to do and told him the items at the bottom of the ad weren't part of the promo. So, he removed the items.

While at the store this morning I spoke with the manager and he said they hadn't been having any problems with the items at the bottom of the ad not triggering the cat. He was very helpful and seemed to want my business as opposed to the other Albertsons I went to last night and usually freuqent. So, long story short, I am happy the items work, but very disappointed in all the misinformation between stores, cashiers, etc.

Mindy said...

I have purchased the knorr sides and my cats printed, also I did 4 transactions today and had no problems. My store, on Vista/Overland, is SO helpful everytime and pretty stocked on everything. But I have noticed the other albertsons in my area are not so eager to help. It is interesting how the stores very quite a bit.