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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update on the Albertsons Dr. Pepper deal! New Rules.

I just got off the phone with my Albie's grocery manager and he asked me to post the word on to everyone who reads this blog.

He just got off of a conference call with Corporate to all the Intermountain West Albertsons. The Dr Pepper deal talked about HERE has been pulled in Utah and Montana. They shut off the $10 catalina when you buy 4 Dr Peppers and the B2G2 free (on the Dr. Pepper only). Idaho is currently being allowed to keep this promo going under certain conditions. All the stores are supposed to uphold a strict 8 packs per customer per day limit. They don't want customers driving to several stores to get 8 from each either. Obviously, this is on your honor, but if they see that it's being abused, they will pull it in Idaho too. And that would be a terrible! So, 8 per day! It sounds to me like our local managers worked hard to keep this promo in our area. Our Albertsons are fabuless!
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Keelee said...

so poor Utah is out? I was on my way to get this today!! Darn.

Tricia said...

That's what I was just told! Maybe call first to see if it's already happened or not. I'm not sure how long it takes to "turn off" a promo or catalina. Good luck!

Meaghan said...

I know this has nothing to do with Albertsons and I posted a comment on the old Fred Meyer post but I figured it might not be seen there. Anywho, they have really good grapes on sale there for .88 a pound. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Brandy said...

I just went in today to get 4 more packs (I got 4 yesterday) and their computers are having issues with the B2G2 - so watch and make sure it comes off (or they will have to key it in) but it was still working this evening in Boise as of 5:30pm

lissa said...

So sad in Utah...wah. Thanks for the heads up!

Cathy said...

I was at 5&O tonight and they were posting signs "Limit of 8 per customer per day while supplies last. No Rainchecks will be given on the Dr. Pepper".

ALSO - the guy made it sound like you'd have to purchase 8 12-packs to get the catalina.

Glad you posted this Tricia!

GingerS said...

Things to know:

Some cashiers are confused and think that the price has to equal $20 AFTER the sales price in order to get the catalina, but they are wrong. If your catalina does not print after buying 4, try a different register.

Before they start ringing up your Dr. Pepper, make sure to tell them you only want 4 per transaction. If they ring up more than 4, then void some off to get back down to 4, it will confuse the system and your catalina will not print.

Double check your receipt! Some cashiers are only taking off $9.98 for your two free packs instead of $10.58. This is because Pepsi and Coke are both doing B2G2 deals this week. Coke products (which Dr. Pepper is) is $5.29 each (at least in Idaho). Pepsi products are $4.99 each. The free soda doesn't come off automatically. They have to key in a code and some cashiers are mistakingly using the code for the Pepsi deal instead of the Coke.

If you having trouble finding Dr. Pepper in stock, in Boise, try the stores at Cole & Fairview and 36th & State. Cole & Fairview has two big stacks by one of the doors, near the Redbox. 36th & State has a big mountain of it back by the bread. An employee also said there was a couple pallets of it by the magazines.

Monica said...

GingerS fabuless info thanks!

I had the problem with the 10.58 coming off too today. No prob yesterday.

They had lots at the Meridian Cherry/Main store yesterday.
Today O&5 had a lot!

Crissie said...

Whoops!!!! MY BAD! I'm totally guilty of bringing home ummm "a COUPLE" of DPs yesterday. I'm ashamed of my bad self. Can I beg for forgiveness????? :)

Still totally going today to get my 8!!! :)

Thank you Albie's for fighting for us!!!!


Anonymous said...

My dad just called and said Albies was Express shipped doublers today that start tomorrow! yay!

GingerS said...

As of today, Eagle & McMillan is still honoring the promo. They have a giant stack of regular Dr. Pepper by the Chippery, as well as another mixed stack of several coke products by one of the doors (including Dr. Pepper). There's also regular, cherry, cherry vanilla and diet on the shelf.

In case anyone's wonder, Ustick and Five Mile is not honoring the promo.

GingerS said...

Cole & Fairview is also still honoring the promo. Like the other day, they have a huge stack by the Redbox and even a sign above it telling you the B2G2 deal, as well as the catalina deal. They do have a limit of 8 per customer per day, though.