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Thursday, July 2, 2009

SYTYCD Week 4: TOP 14!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Brandon and Janette's Cha-Cha! So awesome. I have loved Brandon from the beginning. I was bugged that Lil C and Mia did not like him. I wondered if they were just being hard on him because he is so good and they wanted him to really work for a spot on the show. It seems like that is what they were doing.

Phillip and Jeanine's Hip Hop was awesome. I can not believe how they handled that chain. Nappy Tab's created and awesome routine.

Does it bug you that the judges seem to always be judging the routines/choreographers and costumes?

Hey Twilighters, did you like the vampire dance by Kupono and Kayla?

& Evan's dance was FUN as usual! I really like these two. Randi is one of my favorite girls!

Ade and Melissa's Ballet was beautiful. I was impressed at how well Ade did.

This Alien dance was way weird. Brian Freedman is a very strange man. The dancers performed it well though. Again the judges wanted to talk costume and choreographer.

I almost forgot about this one. I thought the costume change was awesome!

Tonight's results:

Bottom 3 ladies: Karla, Kayla and Jeanine. I was surprised to see Karla and Jeanine there. I love those girls.
Karla got sent home. :(

Bottom 3 guys: Vitolio, Kupono and Phillip.
I loved Phillip's solo!
Vitolio got sent home. :(


Amber said...

First let me say I thought last night rocked. So many good dances! I LOVED the first 2! I could not believe the bottom 3. I was shocked. I loved the Twilight dance and the chain hip hop, so I thought for sure they would be safe. But there are so many good dancers this season. Every week is going to be hard!

Rebekah said...

i agree-last night was one of the best and I have to say that Brandon and Janette's cha-cha was my favorite dance followed closely by the ballet. I was not however surprised that Karla got sent home. I was torn between Vitolio and Kupono but think the judges made the right decision. It just keeps getting better each week!!!