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Friday, July 24, 2009

Get 25% off Old Navy Coupon Hunt

Start your hunt at OldNavyWeekly.com
You have only missed the two highest value coupons. You can still get the rest of them. There is also a chance the high value ones will be available again later in the week.
If you are new it is simple.
1. Pick the coupon you want to try for (the $75 and $50 off are gone)
2. Click on this link OldNavyWeekly.com
3. Then follow the directions below to find it.

Here are the coupon locations thanks to our Fabulous reader Alexis!

$75 off $100 - Top left box with 2 girls, Kimmy & Natalie-Click on the
hair bun of girl in pink shirt. A question will pop up. Who is
Christopher's Dad? The answers is "Wesley"

$50 of $100 - Bottom right picture with the 3 kids--wait around 60
seconds after the page loads (or you refresh the page) and wait for
the apple in the middle child's hand to shake--click on it as soon as
it starts to shake and before it falls for the $50 off coupon

25% off - Grab the apple (from girl in bottom right picture) and put
it by the boy in top right picture--on the left side of his golf club
at the bottom. Then click on the golf club and it will swing and hit
the apple for the 25% off

$15 off $75 - This is located in the video--the location can vary, so
you'll want to click various spots where you see the cursor change
from the arrow symbol to the hand symbol.

15% off - drag the left most pants from the kid's uniform pants and
drag it to Michelle's son's body to put it on him.

20% off with 2 jeans - Top left box with 2 girls, Girl in pink with
bun-take the pencil in her hand and move it to the bag of the girl in
the bottom left picture (she's in pink)-stick the pencil in the bag.

10% off with uniform item - Far right, take the yellow polo and drag
it up to Christopher the supermodelquin's body to put it on him.

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Abbey said...

Not sure if I'm the only one who's wondered this, but last week/time and this post both talk about an apple from the girl in the bottom right picture and putting it near the golf club to be hit - I haven't seen any apple either time. Do they not show this all the time and I'm missing it?

Anonymous said...

I got the 25% coupon. If someone wants it email me. I already have a 30% off coupon. First one to email me at sabconner @ live . com can have it. Thanks!

Dondillissa said...

Thnx for the info!

The Perera's said...

You have to refresh the page for the apple to reappear, it will drop after about a minute and if you can't catch it you need to refresh the page again.

Karie said...

Has Old Navy come up with a rhyme or reason as to when they update the page?