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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I can't believe we're already seeing the school supply deals. But heck, before you know it, it'll be August and the Halloween isle will be in full swing at Walmart. What can ya do...

So I LOVE school supply shopping. I always stock up for the ENTIRE year! I still have a few spiral notebooks from last summer! (My kids love taking those to church for coloring). But the key is to purchase the item at ROCK BOTTOM prices. Sometimes that may entail going to different stores, making different trips. But if it means that in the end I only spend $20 for all my school supplies... then I'M ALL OVER IT!

So if you're out shopping and you see a FAB price on school supplies somewhere, click on this link on the side bar and leave your finds in the comments!

Wondering who's got the best prices on what, just click on our cute little button and find the most recent post!


STUFF THIS WEEK (best price of the week has a **RED STAR**):
note: sometimes it's the "off brand" that is cheapest... I'll mark that with a red star. A BLUE STAR is the best price of the name brand.

(see in ad coupon for free 4-pack Hunts pudding wyb $15 of items)
(View Kmart School Supplies)

*Filler Paper 150 ct. wide or college ruled, 2/$1
Paper Mate 10 pk. stick pens, or 5 ct. mechanical pencils, 3/$1
Pilot G2 4 pk. pens, $3.49
*1″ Economy binder, 99¢ (20% off all other binders)
Fashion Portfolios, 2/$1
Fashion Themed books, 2/$3
*Crayola 12 ct. colored pencils, 10 ct. markers, or 8 ct. watercolors, $1
SHOP KO - School Supplies 2 for $3
(view Shop Ko School Supplies)
Construction Paper 96ct
Sargent Watercolors
*Avery 1" Binder
Fiskars 5" scissors (1 pack)
Fashion Theme Notebooks
Mead Portfolios

STAPLES - (see the in-ad coupon for $5 off $20)
(View Staples School Supplies)
$.01 sale (ENDS WEDNESDAY)
*Staples 8-pack pencils
*500 pack copy paper (after "easy rebate" of $3.68)

$1 Sale (all week - limit 2 of each item per customer)
*Acme 5" kids scissors - 2 pack
Bic Velocity Ball Pens (5 pack) USE: $1/1 (=FREE)
*Bic White-Out (2 pack) USE: $.50/1
*Scotch Magic Tape
*Sharpie Highlighters - 6 pack
Staples Mini Magnetic Stapler
3-pack Eraser Wedges

(view Target School Supplies)

*Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pens in black , blue or red $.50 (Use $1/1)
Pink or Blue Pencil Box $0.50
*RoseArt Washable Markers 8ct $0.50
*Vinyl Binder 1 inch $0.50
24 ct Yellow #2 pencils $0.50
Vinyl Pencil Pouch $0.50
70 ct Mead Notebook $0.50
12 ct RoseArt Colored Pencils $0.50

(view Walgreens School Supplies)
2 Pocket Folder with Prongs: 8/$1.00 ($.13 each)
*Mini Highlighters: $.19 (with in-ad coupon)
*2 pk. Erasers or Pencil Sharpener: $.29
*Legal Pad: $.34 (with in-ad coupon)
Index Cards, 100 ct.: $.39
Papermate Mechanical Pencils, 10 ct.: $.39
1 Sharpie marker: $.50 (with in-ad coupon)
*Filler Paper: $.50 (with in-ad coupon)
#10 Envelopes: $.59 (with in-ad coupon)
Elmer’s Glue Stick, 2 packs: $.59
Elmer’s Glue: $.59
Composition Notebook: $.79
*Fiskar Scissors (1): $.79
*Crayola Markers, 10 ct.: $.99

Haven't been into Walmart lately (oh Walmart, I haven't missed you ONE BIT!), so I don't know if they've got the school supplies on sale yet.

So where are you going to shop this week? I'm holding out for cheap crayons and cheaper crayola markers. And wait for a bit on the spiral notebooks, every year Target and ShopKo have these babies for $.10 each (and I usually buy a box of 20). What are you holding out for?

Let us know if you come across any FAB bargains!

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Tricia said...

Great info - I love to stock up for the year now too! And at Walgreens the school supplies are great filler items for couponing.

Established in 2008 said...

My staples Wouldn't take the coupon for the BIC pens because it says it cannot be combined with any other deal...:( did anybody have any luck? Theres a money making deal with the $5 for spending $20 coupon...

Anonymous said...

I just bought the 24 pack of Crayola crayons for $.25 a piece.

Monica said...

Amy where did you get the crayons?

Carolee said...

would love your input when you find crayons and markers for the price you like! (as I'm sure you will)

Cromwell Kids said...

I bought crayons at Wal-Mart for .25 cents. They also had a good deal on spiral notebooks for .15 cents and Fiskar Sciossers for .77 cents. Why can't I find the "cents" key on my keyboard??? :)

Cathy said...

Great price on crayons! Whoo hoo!

(I agree, who left that cute little sign off the keyboard!)

Thanks for the heads up!