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Friday, July 24, 2009

FABULESS FRUGAL FRIDAY: How to Survive a Road Trip WITH the KIDS!

note the green and brown car that coordinates with our blog colors... ha ha!

Doesn't this remind you of the good ol days, when you'd pack em in tight, sing songs, and travel with your family? I love it!
So you want to take a trip with your family, hu?
Here are some of my fave bloggers and their FAB ideas about packing for, organizing, and entertaining your kidlets while taking a road trip!

In the past I would purchase a new toy from Walmart and maybe stop by the dollar store with hopes that my children would be entertained the entire ride. Never really worked though! Here is a FAB article of Ten Great Travel Toys You Already Own. #1 on the list? Blue Painters Tape!! Now seriously, they could have a lot of fun with that!! (Hint: I have NO PROBLEM spending a quarter on a new box of crayons to add to my contraband!)

From Tip Junkie, a slew of ideas from other bloggers about games to do in the car!

From Small Notebook, a guide to Quick Trip Packing and Organized Trip Packing for Kids

Marie over at Makes and Takes shares her pictorial of Packing for a trip with the Kids. I love her rule of, "Whatever fits can come on the trip and if it doesn’t, too bad so sad." Then don't miss her article, Traveling with Kids in the Car. The pictures are a hoot!

Over at Simple Mom she has a post entitled, Tips for Holiday Traveling with Kids... although this is geared toward the end of the year holidays, I find many of the points relate to summer travel as well!

Does your trip involve flying? Read Flying with Small Children, The Beauty of Packing Light (this one's for you), and Packing Light with Small Children. Don't miss Ten Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane (although I wouldn't do #5 myself, for fear that my kidlet wouldn't leave said "neighbor" alone!).
And don't miss this one titled, Organized Car Travels. I think having a clean and organized car makes a long road trip MUCH easier!!

What things do you do to make your road trip with kidlets easier??

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SavingSomeGreen said...

I saw a magazine article several years ago on this topic. The one thing that I remember from it was to purchase small, cheap gifts and snacks for the kids and wrap them and put a tag on them that says when they can open them (i.e. 100 miles, a certain rest stop, etc.). I've never tried it, but it seemed pretty cool!