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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Albertsons Doubles!

Thank you to our tipster Amy, who says,

"My dad just called and said Albies was Express shipped doublers today that start tomorrow! yay!"

What double scenarios are you thinking of???

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Jen said...

Yay! I was hoping for doubles again tomorrow! Have you heard about some Albies, though, that are cracking down on Doublers? They would only let my husband use 2 last week--and now I'm hearing it may be down to 1 per day?? That just can't be!! I can't tell you how many I've used in one day (separate transactions)-but I've had awesome cashiers. Maybe it's just W WA?

Miss Anna B said...

Strange, I just got info that we weren't getting doublers until Wed. Tomorrow we shall see :) I am hoping my info was in error!

cheryl_hiccups said...

DOUBLERS in the Idaho Press-Trib on page 12 MAIN. They hid 'em :D

Can anyone with the Statesman tell us if they are in there too?

Anonymous said...

I know there are three doublers coming on wednesday and then another 2 coming out next sunday...I have seen them. The number of doublers might be the other way around...all i know is that there is five all together.

Leah said...

There are 3 doublers on page A7 in the Spokesman Review :)

Brandy said...

There is a flyer in the Idaho Statesman - with 2 doublers.

cheryl_hiccups said...

Whoa. What are the numbers on the 2 in the Statesman?? Because there are 3 in the Trib... 1, 2, 3.

Meridian Mama said...

The two in the Statesman are numbered 1 and 2 BUT they are valid 7/26-8/04!

Brenda said...

Ok, hopefully someone can explain the cheese deal to me. Each pack is 3.99 and they are B1G1, so everyone is saying that you get 8/6.98 with the $1 off coupons for 2 lbs. How is is possible??? I payed 8.98 and that was with my coupons doubled. Help!

Leah said...

Here's a scenerio for the doublers with the B2G2F for the 7-up.

Buy 4 cases of 7-up = $19.96
- B2G2F = $9.98
- $1.00 off any printable on www.7up.com x 2 = $7.98
- Doublers x 2 = $5.98

Or, if you are really lucky and can print 4 of the coupons and your Albies will let you use all 4 with 3 doublers then you can get 4 cases of 7-up for $2.98. Divided by 4 = .75 cents per case. Plus tax in WA, cuz pop isnt considered "food".

Sadly, I have printed my limit of these coupons :(

Dondillissa said...

Brenda - you're not missing anything. The cheese cost analysis was faulty.

Monica said...

Jen- We are not having any problems that I know of in ID with the doublers. They just ask that you keep it to 3 transactions.
In Utah I have heard that they will not let you do multiple trans!

Amber said...

In Utah they are totally strict. I didn't know the rule about only 1 transaction and had ice cream and a baby and they still made me leave my stuff and go to my car and come back every time. PS, I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN LINE. I wouldn't be surprised if they start letting you do only 1 total. Good night, do they want use to buy their stuff or what?!