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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feelin Good in the Neighborhood

If you recall, last month we posted a FAB deal with my new FAVE Chiropractor Dr. Nathan Olsen.

FIRST - I must say, if you didn't take advantage of this deal in May (and why not? It's 10 bucks a 1 bag of donated goods!?!), YOU ARE IN LUCK! That FAB Dr. Olsen has extended his deal through then end of JUNE!! (If you're already convinced, call his office TODAY at 884-5000 and tell them you want the FABULESS DEAL!)

SECOND - I could truly write a mini novel about how great this guy is. But I'll probably lose you by the third paragraph. So I'm going to say THIS:

My headaches have decreased a TON in the past 3 weeks.

My daughters think he is the coolest thing since sliced bread. AKA: He's got THE MOST FAB bedside manner - with adults AND KIDS!

No "wham bam thank you ma'am" here! He takes his time and REALLY MASSAGES the trouble spots! I'm talking he's pulling out the massage muscle gel and really taking care of your knotted muscles! HE'S NOT JUST ABOUT how many pops he can get out of your back and send you away!

HE TAKES TIME to understand you and your lifestyle!

He helped me learn that half my problem is my WATER INTAKE! HELLO!

Did I mention that my kids think he is so fun?!


Give chiropractic care a chance.

My quality life is SO MUCH BETTER when I care for my muscles and spine!


Dr. Olsen is THE BEST Chiropractor I've seen in my 20 years of chiros! I TRULY believe that! (Plus he's just a block away from a coupon friendly Albertsons - so you can run and score some deals right after your appointment!)

Are you still not convinced?

Read these testimonials (Tina and Judy)that came to our inbox completely unsolicited.

You can also read our first post that gives the details of this deal.

Dr. O can give you a happy back. Happy back means happy person.


can feel good too!

Give him a jingle. Now.


He Rocks.