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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fabuless Coupon Tip Tuesday: Keep Every Coupon

Keep Every Coupon

I clip and keep every coupon from my inserts. Why you may ask? Well I have a few reasons.

1. I might not normally buy the product. but if I can get it for free or almost free I will try it out.
Example: I do not normally buy Quaker Rice Cakes. They often put out a $1 off coupon. I once used the coupon at Rite Aid to get the .99 snack pack for free, and I have also used it at Albertsons during double coupons to get the larger package for free. Turns out they are really yummy.

2.You can get paid to buy something if you have a coupon for it.
Example: In March there was a coupon for up to $30 off of a Bayer Glucose Meter. The Bayer Glucose meters were on sale at Walgreens in May for $14.99 plus you would get a $5 Register Reward after purchase. So by using the coupon you would get the item for free before tax and then get paid $5 in RR for buying it.
There is no one in my family with diabetes, but I have lots of diabetic patients and there are plenty of nursing homes in my area that could use a free glucose meter or two. So I donate the item I will not use and have an extra $5 register reward to spend at Walgreens. PS You can get a $10 RR in June for this deal!

3. Some of my friends could use my coupons!
Example: We do not have pets, but some of my friends do. I save my dog and cat food coupons to give to my pet lover friends.

4. I could trade my unwanted coupons for ones I really want.
There are coupon trading groups you can get involved with where you trade coupons with people, in person or through the mail.

5. The overseas coupon program can use my unwanted and expired coupons.
Did you know that you can send them to US Military bases? Yup, they can use them for up to 6 months after expiration dates. It will cost you the same as if you sent them to your neighbor. Check out this site Overseas Coupon Program.