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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Albertson's Mac & Cheese/Capri Sun Promo gets MORE FABULESS!

So, I hope you read Monica's post about the great Mac & Cheese Deal HERE. Well, it gets even better! On top of getting two 5-packs of Mac & Cheese & 2 boxes of Capri Sun for $5.69 plus a $2 catalina back (catalina deal good thru 5/31), if you shop at the 36th and State St Albertsons in Boise, you can also get two bags of Chips Ahoy Cookies for 99 cents each! How??? Well, they have a special vendor coupon that's $2 off when you buy a capri sun AND a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies. Since the capri sun is free and the Chips Ahoy cookies are $2.99, you get $2 off! What a FABULESS deal!

BUT PLEASE - do not go there and take the whole tearpad of coupons. ONLY take the coupons for what you are going to buy in the store for that day!!! Why? Because the awesome grocery managers there got these coupons specifically for this promotion for US to use at their store and they ordered a ton of the CHIPS AHOY, CAPRI SUN and MAC & CHEESE to go with the coupons. If someone goes in and takes off a ton of the free capri sun peelies from the mac & cheese or all the Chips Ahoy coupons, then they won't be able to sell all the product, because most of us won't buy it without all the cool coupons!

For example, someone out there took their entire stack of the s'mores coupons for last weeks sale. They go to a lot of work to keep the great deals in stock and to get extra coupons for us couponers, and if these things keep happening, it gives them a bad taste about us and they won't continue to work hard to make these deals available for us. Most of the Albertsons are coupon friendly, and I'd hate to see that end.

Off my soapbox now... so head over to 36th and State st for your cheap YUMMY Chips Ahoy Cookies while the coupons last!


Monica said...

Thanks Tricia! That is a great deal. Sometimes you have to get on your soap box.

Olivia said...

I don't know if it was just me but I just went there and there were no coupons to be found. If someone took them all I can't believe how selfish some people are. I have been just getting started couponing and I have become very frustrated because as soon as I find out about a deal I go and everything is gone or all of the coupons are gone. I check for this stuff every day and I don't believe that everyone is getting there before me. I think some people are just taking everything. While I realize they want to get great deals too it really hurts others when they take everything! Sorry that is my soap box but I am a little tired.

Tricia said...

Hey Olivia - I'm sorry you had a bad experience. We're up on the soap box together I think. Well, I just called my grocery manager at that 36th and state street store and asked him if they had more of the $2 off capri sun & chips ahoy coupons and he told me they did! So, if you want to try again they are totally helpful there. If you go, ask for the grocery manager on duty - it'll either be Matt K, Matt, Ryan, or Travis. They are all awesome! You could even call first and ask for them, and double check that they still have them - if you explained that you'd come yesterday and couldn't find them, they'd probably even hold you a few that you needed. Good luck!