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Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupon

Don't forget to head to Old Navy Weekly here for your coupon this week. It looks like the best is a 30% off your entire purchase! You have to do certain things to make it available to click on though. Trickier, yes! It took me a few minutes, and the "button" is really hard to catch! You have to click it at just the right moment.

If you're really into doing the search yourself don't read further!

Be sure to drag and drop each head to its correct body (sounds morbid, doesn't it?) then click on the coupon that appears, but DON'T add. It looks like this activates another coupon - so watch to see if something new appears every once in a while. If you need another hint, leave a comment and I'll spell it out for you!


My 3 girly girls said...

I think I need it spelled out! I just did it and a coupon appeared but I don't know what to do???

Tricia said...

No problem! The coupon that appears is 20% off the entire purchase. (I thought you had to click on this to activate the better coupon, but you don't, I just tried it again.) Once you've dragged all the heads to their correct places and the "Congrats!... get coupon" button appears, watch the box with Amy in the striped purple shirt. To the right of her red shorts, a dolphin will poke it's head out of the water every 15-30 seconds or so, maybe longer the first time - keep watching. You can't click on it when it first appears, but it will jump up and to the left landing behind Amy's shorts. When it's almost behind her, click like crazy on it and the coupon will pop up. If you miss it, keep trying. It took me a few times to time it right, but it was helpful to keep clicking, not just to try to click it once each "jump." Hope that helps!

My 3 girly girls said...

Oh my gosh! That's like the coolest thing ever! I'm new to couponing, lol. Thanks soooooooooooo much!!! We needed to make a trip up to Old Navy but I was like crap, I wish I had a coupong. This is perfect!!!! Thanks again!

Carol said...

I never would have gotten it without your help. Thanks a bunch!

Tricia said...

I'm glad you guys found it! It'll be fun to see how creative they get in hiding the $75 and $50 off coupons next week!