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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Need to Vent about Walgreens?

Last Thursday I went to my local Walgreens. I talked to one of the managers and told him I would like to order some diapers. I showed him my $3 and $5 coupons and told him that combined with next weeks RR deal these diapers were going to be a hot item.
He wrote down the skew number for the kind I wanted and the number I wanted. He told me that he would put the order in and the diapers would be there Tuesday afternoon. Then he wrote my phone number and name next to my order.
Later I saw that he left my info on the cosmetic counter and I said to him did you lose my info already? He looked in his pocket, uh. I told him, it is on the cosmetic counter. I guess he thought I was full of it or something? Today I called to see if my diapers were there another manager informed me that the diapers came in and sold out in 20 minutes, with mommies waiting 1 1/2 hours in the store for them to arrive.
I am just glad I called first and did not drive down there with sick kids to find out some stupid guy did not believe me about how much they should order and did not actually put my order in.

So after a lengthy conversation with this other manager I have their attention. Next time I give him heads up on an item he will make sure that he orders more and informs the other stores in the district.

I wanted to offer it up if anyone else wants to vent. Yesterday when I was at a Nampa Walgreens the checker was complaining about how customers with coupons were irate and she did not want to have anything to do with coupons ever again.

So this makes me think that you couponers must be having some bad Walgreens experiences. If you need a place to vent leave a comment on this post.

Remember though when in the store try and be kind and patient with checkers/managers. Sometimes we know more about the Walgreens system then they do, and sometimes we don't. Some of them can certainly be rude and annoying but you really are not going to get anywhere if you are rude back!


Sarah said...

I wish I had gone yesterday, because I was unable to use my $5 coupons. I went to a different Walgreens, and they were out of the Gentle Care! I did use my $3 coupons. Anyway, after calling around, it seems all the Walgreens are pretty much out. Do you know if they do rainchecks? I forgot to ask.

Letia said...

Walgreens on Fairview and Ustick ordered a bunch extra. They had a whole endcap of diapers in the back of the store besides the usual spot as of today at 11 AM. Most were the snug and dry? white packages. I went ahead and bought 3 thinking I couldn't use my $5 off coupons, (I had $1.5 coupons to use) Anyway, the guy checking me out ASKED if I had internet coupons I wanted to use and said they worked on the white diapers too. He also said they hopefully will get more in on Sat. (they had all sizes except 1's). HTH's!

Letia said...

Sorry, I said Fairview and Ustick, but meant Fairview and Locust Grove. (I have a sleep-deprived mommy brain today!)

Julee said...

I went to the Fairview and Locust grove store as well and was able to use the IP coupons on the white snug and dry packages. Great customer service there. I also went to the 5-Mile and Ustick Walgreens and was able to do the same thing.

Monica said...


Walgreens gives rainchecks on sale items and walgreen's coupons, but they can not give a raincheck for RR as far as I know. This is a RR deal so no luck on this one!

JulieJ said...

My complaints are that too many people are finding out about these deals and they are out of all of the good ones. Is it worth my time?

Cathy said...

My sisters exact words, "I'm not going to bother. I can't believe how crazy some people are getting...makes me nervous to start couponing--don't want to be another annoying coupon lady!"

It's sad that there are crazies out there ruining it for everyone else. See another local blogger here: http://creativehomemakers.blogspot.com/2009/03/couponing-misdemeanors.html

Leslie said...

I was one of the I think 3 people that were able to get some diapers at five mile and overland. I was there when the truck came in and then came back an hour and a half later when they said they would be unloading the diapers. I think they had about 10 packages of size 3s and 10 size 2s on the truck. Obviously nobody bothered to order more in anticipation of the sale. The people were really nice, but a little clueless...

Monica said...

Leslie- I am sooooo glad you got some. I am kind of over it. I got quite a few in Jan with the Pampers sale. That is sooo funny b/c I ordered 2's and 3's when I was in there. I cannot remember if I told him 12 pkgs total or 12 of each size. I only needed 12 total and I was not even sure if I would get that many. So maybe he did put my order in he just didn't bother to set it aside. I sure wish he would have listened to me and ordered more. I bet he is kicking himself now. Dumb guy!

Jim said...

My name is Jim and I am one of the manager at O and 5 Walgreens. I need your help. I would like someone if possible to email me with the "hot item next week" every thursday so that I can order it Friday for Tuesdays truck. We want your business and we don't mind the coupons as long as your stay within the parameters. That would be very helpful to everyone if I had a "heads up" about what you all are going to be coming in for. Thanks.
Jim Hensley, EXA, Walgreens on Overland and 5.

Julee said...


A Thrifty Mom said...

Jim also left a comment on my page, this was what I emailed him back.

Thanks for your email, I think as couponers learn to work with the stores and voice their need, it will work better for everyone. I understand how frustrating it must be for you to not have the items in stock that your customers want to buy. And on the flip side of that, I hear that compliant more than anything that the store was out of stock so why shop. I personally do not shop on Sundays so i knew all the diapers would be gone, so I just asked to place an order with my local Caldwell store, they were happy to help. It is a win- win, the store sells more diapers, but I don't take them away from other shoppers. To answer your question about the email on Thursday, I don't get an ad till Closing on Saturday night. I have asked my local store about getting an ad early they are checking to see what they can do. I think if you let shoppers know they can place an order it would REALLY cut down on the mad rush to clear the shelf. Would you like me to promote placing orders, is that something your store is willing to do? I think as we work together, you will be able to build great relationships with customers eager to spend money in your stores.

A Thrifty Mom

Angela said...

Oh girls... I am just SO glad (this week) that I don't need diapers anymore. Ahhhh!... But I have been feeling so much frustration for all of you that DO!! I think this diaper craze has brought out some serious issues that needed to be faced which is a good thing really! Jim- You da MAN! And Sarah- atta girl! Woot! Yah baby! Let's make this work and build a re-newed relationship of trust, by working together with our awesome store managers. They do take a lot of slack and we need to be patient with them too, like they try to be with us! Kindness really does matter!!! :)

I just hope that the obsessive, greedy and dishonest ones get the message... Hey... If you are one of those, please don't take offense(especially since I just "ripped you a new one" on my blog TheCreativeHomemaker.com) That's between you and your own guilty consience. Just "swallow it" and learn from this! We don't know who you are... so pick yourself up and come join us in some good, honest couponing! You can do it!! :)

Monica- You da babe! You go girls... LOVIN' the "FABFRUG" XOXO

SavingSomeGreen said...

A Thrifty Mom -
You can view a scan of the ad early on Hot Coupon World. Go to Forums > Drugstores > Walgreen's. They usually have 2-3 weeks in advance scanned there.