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Monday, January 26, 2009

101st Post

UPDATE: Apparently the ocean spray printable MFC was from Cananda and can not be used in the US. If you still have one do not try to use it in the US. I have removed the link so that it can no longer be accessed from this site. Sorry.

For the 101st post I am going to tell you how to get something for FREE. Yup, I thought this special was over on Saturday, but it looks like Target is offering them again until Jan 31st. Oh and if you go to the store and they are all cleared out, they might be now that I am posting about this, the coupon is good until Feb 14th. So you will have a few weeks to do this, don't leave your poor husband home with the kids on a Saturday night. Hehe, that is what I did. He actually didn't mind, but I felt guilty. Just remember to print your coupons before the 31st.

Here is the deal....

At Target the Ocean Spray is priced at $1.99.

Use this $1 off Target store coupon.
Stack with
(Remember you can use two coupons on one product if one is a store and one is MC.)
Use Ocean Spray MFC coupon

Total .01 overage

So you actually get paid to buy them. Of course you still have to pay the tax man, so if you are only getting the Ocean Spray grab some sugar free gum or something to keep your subtotal in the positive.

Oh and don't forget to grab a few bars of my first freebie while you are there.

Oh and while you are on the Target site you may be interested in the Special K bars, coffee creamer or the yogurt. Check out Saving with Shellie for details.


Coupon Trish said...

Be sure to check the price on the variety you are buying, because some of them are more expensive. But they do have several that are priced at $1.99! As of today, both Boise stores (Milwaukee and Eagle/Chinden) are out of all the $1.99 varieties.

dlebeau22 said...

Just an FYI: Walmart has select Ocean Spray brands for $1.98. I used my Target coupon and the MF coupon at Walmart and also got it for FREE!

Coupon Trish said...

Thanks for the info dlebeau22 - Which Walmart let you do this? I have called all the Boise/Meridian ones and all said no! What time of day also - because different managers on duty will allow different things? - I'd love to get the checker who you did! Also, did the checker give you problems and have to ask a manager? Thanks!