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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Keep on eye out for Quaker rice snacks
If you find the snack size you can likely get them for free.
Use the $1/1 (3-31-09) RP-1/18
I saw them on sale at Rite Aid 2/$1.00

Go here to get a free sample in the mail plus a coupon for .50 off any size.
I got mine last week. I had the chocolate and they were yummy. I then used my coupon at Rite Aid to try the carmel ones for free as well.

I got this tip from my new friend Jessica.
Print this for $2/2 any size.
Look for the travel size and this is likely to be a money maker.
She was getting hers at Albertsons on clerance, but I found mine at Target 2/$1.00.
I made .50 on each one.

I keep finding coupons for my first freebie.
HERE $3/3
HERE $1/1
HERE $2/2

Ok that should be enough of those for now.

Free Dr. Pepper here I read about this last week but did not do it b/c I do not like diet. A few ladies blogged about it today letting me know that they got their coupon and it was good for Reg DP as well.

Progresso Soup $1.10/1 here
If you watch the sales you can get your soup for free.

Lots of freebies this month. These ladies have it all spelled out.
Freebie Blogger
Good or Free Deals
Being Frugal is Fab


Friday, January 30, 2009

Preview of Albertson's upcoming catalina?

Before I started couponing, I would still keep any catalinas that printed out. I would occasionally get one that wasn't a coupon, but didn't take time to read it. Well, earlier this week I got one that wasn't a coupon again, but looked at it more closely. It was a preview of an upcoming catalina program! So I don't know if everyone else already knows about this, but if I'm correct, we can all post if we ever get one of these and we can all be aware of new promos.

This one says "Receive a coupon to save up to $3.50 when you buy General Mills fruit shapes, fruit by the foot, fruit gushers, fruit roll-ups, or fruit roll-ups fruit stickerz on your next shopping order.... Purchase dates: buy Betty Crocker fruit flavored snacks between 1/30 & 2/22. Buy (3) & get $1.50...OR buy (4) & get $2.50... OR buy (5) or more & get $3.50... Coupon off your next order. All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No Cash Back. Offer expires 2/22/09."

So, has anyone ever noticed these before??? IF you do ever get one printed out for you, please post and share with us all... then we can all watch for match-ups and good deals together!

If there are any good BC fruit snacks/roll-ups/etc deals in the next month - this might sweeten the deal!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Target's Clearance Toys

Target's clearance toys have finally gone to 75% off! (This is the Eagle/McMillan store. The Milwaukee store went down yesterday or the day before and was pretty picked over.) People were filling up carts - but there was still quite a bit left. On an endcap on the farthest aisle back almost to the corner of the store there were several other 75% off toys, so keep looking past the 2 toy aisles... including a set of 4 or 5 "High School Musical 3" prom barbie dolls. I wasn't interested in this b/c my girl is less than 1 yr old, but for those with young girls, it was only I think $7.48 or so (I looked at a lot of things but I think that was the right price.) Also, they had some Barbie cruise sets and beach party sets that were 14.98, normally $60.00. They had several Super Sleuth changing trees for those with kids who like "My Friends Tigger and Pooh." They were $10.98 or so. Have fun looking if you can make it over.

A big thanks to my friend Richelle who clued me in!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Albertsons is Lookin Good!

I know I'm not the only one that thought Albertsons was a little boring this week (do I hear "spoiled"?). About the only thing I was going to get was the chicken... until now! Heather over at the KRAZIES spelled it all out for me and now I'm excited to go!

I failed to realize that I could use that nifty Freddys coupon for the Nabisco crackers (3/$5) at Albys, with my manufacturer coupons, and take advantage of their free cheese deal! Coolness!

I also keep forgetting to take that Rite Aid coupon... thanks for reminding me Heather!

And lastly, I have decided to start using my Walgreens Register Rewards at Albys as well. I went to Wags today to get some medicine for my baby's bum (TMI! TMI!), and decided to grab the "free" Reynolds foil (am I blind or does that coupon not exist in our 12/14 SS?... I only saw an advertisement, with NO coupons!). Well, I grabbed it anyway... and got the toothpaste (which gave me $2 RR - read: Register Rewards) and also picked up 3 2 Liters of 7-Up (and got another $2 RR) THINKING that I could put $4 of RR towards my baby's bum fixer upper medicine. It was a no go. They won't let you combine RR's! And as I found last week while doing the peanut butter deal (wasn't that fun!?!), you don't get RR's when you use them on the same transaction (does that make sense? I rarely make sense now days)... Anywho, they seem to be a bit finicky those silly RR's. My whole point of this ramble was that I'm going to go to Albys and buy a ton of chicken, crackers, salad dressing, pizza, soda, and a smidgen of Del Monte.

ps - Be sure to check out KRAZIES because she's got a good way to save more $$$ on your chicken! Isn't it fun to know of other local bloggers saving money!

11 Tried and True Tips to Get Things Free

A Facebook friend (actually, she's a real life friend too, but I talk to other people more on FB than I do in real life, you know?) sent me this link to a great article on finding free stuff.

11 Tried and True Tips to Get Things Free

We are going to put our Netflix membership on hold because we are now doing tip #2 (plus, don't forget free movie night on Mondays!). And I LOVE pandora.com (see tip #1). I'm also for sure going to check into the stuff on tip #6! Check it out for yourself! Do you have any other tips to add?

Cheap cosmetics at Albertsons (Eagle & McMillan)

I have noticed the last week at Albertsons there are a few carts of cosmetics marked down at the front of the store. I finally had time to get out my CoverGirl coupons and went down to browse thru them. There were several baskets divided up with different brands. They had lipsticks and glosses for $1.99, and several blushes, powders, cheek colors, etc ranging from $2.99-$4.99. I bought 2 lipsticks & 2 lip glosses (one rang up for $1.57), then used 2 - $2.50/2 coupons and with taxes my total was just over $3 for 4 products.

There were a lot of other brands too, but I didn't have time to check and see if I had coupons to match up! Let me know what you find!

My Google Reader Shared Items

If you are looking for more deals and freebies be sure to check out My Google Reader Shared Items. I put the latest hot posts in there so you to get more great deals. Check it out in the side column. Did anyone set up a google reader?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chex Cereal - you want it?

The first person to respond gets it (of course, you'll have to come and get it... I'm in SW Boise). I have 1 box of Rice Chex and 1 box of Wheat Chex (got it when it was on sale with the free soda in December). Seems no one likes it! You want it? It's yours.


Hey girls!

Last night I popped into Target for a minute and they had some new clearance markdowns to 75% off. I was particularly interested in 2-pks of girls gerber pjs for $2.48. They also had several Hotslings - which are designer baby sling/carriers. They were normally 39.99 and marked down to $9.99. So if anyone is in the market they had probably 7 or 8 of them left. Here is the website to check them out: http://www.hotslings.com/ They were all the same pattern, and they had I think smalls and mediums left (I'm not sure how the sizing runs but it says on the package). They are super cute! It's not the same pattern as the one pictured.

Albertsons Jan 28-Feb 3

Here's a little sneak peak at the Albertsons ad coming out tomorrow.

Looks so so. I'm considering the chicken (want to compare with the frozen chicken at Costco), and the crackers/cheese deal. I know, I know. The sale at Freds on the same crackers is pretty darn good, but now I get the option of free cheese? I'll have to check the price difference on that first.

What is looking good to you?

Monday, January 26, 2009

101st Post

UPDATE: Apparently the ocean spray printable MFC was from Cananda and can not be used in the US. If you still have one do not try to use it in the US. I have removed the link so that it can no longer be accessed from this site. Sorry.

For the 101st post I am going to tell you how to get something for FREE. Yup, I thought this special was over on Saturday, but it looks like Target is offering them again until Jan 31st. Oh and if you go to the store and they are all cleared out, they might be now that I am posting about this, the coupon is good until Feb 14th. So you will have a few weeks to do this, don't leave your poor husband home with the kids on a Saturday night. Hehe, that is what I did. He actually didn't mind, but I felt guilty. Just remember to print your coupons before the 31st.

Here is the deal....

At Target the Ocean Spray is priced at $1.99.

Use this $1 off Target store coupon.
Stack with
(Remember you can use two coupons on one product if one is a store and one is MC.)
Use Ocean Spray MFC coupon

Total .01 overage

So you actually get paid to buy them. Of course you still have to pay the tax man, so if you are only getting the Ocean Spray grab some sugar free gum or something to keep your subtotal in the positive.

Oh and don't forget to grab a few bars of my first freebie while you are there.

Oh and while you are on the Target site you may be interested in the Special K bars, coffee creamer or the yogurt. Check out Saving with Shellie for details.

Kohls 99 cent standard shipping per item

Kohl's has 99 cent standard shipping per item right now - ending today. If you were watching clearance items there, now you can actually ship it for less than you pay for the item. Unfortunately, they are pretty picked over - but you never know! Here's their link: http://www.kohls.com/upgrade/webstore/home.jsp

Redbox Free Monday Movie

Here's the code!


Just get it back by 9pm tomorrow night and you've got yourself a free movie for a night!

Find your nearest Redbox here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walgreens, Rite Aid, Freds: 1/25-1/31

Thank you Monica for the AWESOME posts about Coupon Lingo, using Google Reader, and Blogtiquette!

Since I use my Google Reader, it will be VERY easy for me to post the links for this week!

  • Fred Meyer (thank you Psychotic Housewife!) - I'm interested in the Nabisco crackers (in-store coupon 3 for $5 - then use $2 off 2 Nabisco (SS 1/25). You get a box of crackers for a $1! Plus Milk is $2/gal. We can never have enough milk!
  • Walgreens: Scenarios by Being Frugal is Fabulous, Mommies with Cents, and Moms Need to Know. I think the Reynolds foil sounds good this week!
  • Rite Aid - money maker on Garnier Fructis shampoo! More scenarios here.
  • And here is a review of coupons from this week, courtesy of Moms Need to Know. Use this as a resource for indexing your coupons if you like. It also helps me decide how many newspapers I want to purchase!

Don't forget Albertsons sale ends Tuesday. I still need to go stock up on Multigrain Cheerios! And remember you can request a rain check if they are all out of what you want.

Happy shopping!

Google Reader

Google Reader is my best resource for reading and staying up to date on my coupon blogs.

-It reads like email so I don't have to go from site to site checking for updates.
-I can store all of my favorite sites in one place.
-I can use the search feature to search a particular blog or all of the sites in my reader.
-I can place a star on items I want to read again or save for later.
-I just learned about the TAG feature that allows you to file away all your favorites under different categories like recipes, scrapbook, photoshop, ect.
-I can read a title and skip to the next subject easily.

Oh how I love this tool, but careful it can become addicting.

To Get Started

Click here

You don't have to get a gmail address, you can use your own email as the user name. Although you may want to set up a gmail account to use as your junk mail when you sign up for freebies.

Once you are set up click on the subscribe button and add the URL for each of the sites you want to follow.

Check out our links page for some good coupon sites for your reader.
You may want to just start with a few or choose some favories. There are also more sites on the Money Saving Blogs list that are not on the Blogs in My Google Reader List.

Sorry I did not post them with this post but now that I have reader is much eaiser just to create a blog role. Blogger askes me if I want to import from my reader and with one click there is a whole list.

Here is a getting started video I found hopefully it is working again.

For more help with reader go to The Official Google Reader Blog or leave a comment and I will do my best to answer your question.

Ok I am tired. Anyone else want to post this weeks Rite Aid and Walgreens links?

Decoding the Coupon World


These are the inserts that you find in the paper.

SS - Smart Source
PG -Proctor & Gamble
RP -Red Plum or Valassis
These will often times be coupled with a date that reflect the date of the paper they came out of. Ex: RP-1/4/09-Red Plum insert from the Jan 4th paper

Store Lingo

ECB - Extra Care Bucks (CVS)
SCR - Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid)
ESC - Easy Saver Coupon (Walgreens)
ESR - Easy Saver Rebate(Walgreens)
7-day coupon- coupon found in Walgreens weekly ad
IVC - Instant Value Coupon found in the Easy Saver Catalog at Walgreens
RR: register rewards, catalina that prints out at Walgreens when you buy specific products with a $ amount good for your next shopping trip.

Types of Coupons

Catalina- We covered this, but just in case you forgot- it's a printable coupon that is handed to you with your receipt at the store.
Peelies- peel off coupons found on products at stores
Blinkies-found in the aisle at the store spitting out of the blinking black box
MC or MQ- manufacturers coupon
IP- Internet printable coupon

Oh and There's More

B1G1 -Buy One Get One Free
WYB -When You Buy
B2G1-Buy 2 Get One Free
FAR- free after rebate
MIR - Mail In Rebate
OOP- out of pocket
Stack- refers to using two coupons for 1 purchase (ex. 1 store coupon and 1 MC)
YMMV- your mileage may vary (meaning in some stores this deal will be applicable, but you may have trouble trying it with others)

Oh and thanks to Being Frugal is Fab and Freebie Blogger for the help in compiling the lists.

Blogging Etiquette

For those of you who are new to blogging you may have some questions about blogging etiquette. Here is a great post from tip junkie that answers a lot of those questions.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Dental Care for Kids

I was just going through my google reader and noticed a post at freebieblogger about Give Kids A Smile. It is a program put on by the American Dental Association all around the country. On Feb 6th dentist's, dental hygienists, dental assistants and even some office staff will be donating there time and resources to offer free dental care for children in low income families.
I am not sure what it takes to qualify but I know that I will be working on lots of kids whose parents recently lost their jobs and no longer have insurance. I have participated in the event a couple of times over the years, so it was funny to read about it somewhere else. I did not realize it was a nation wide event. Anyway if you or someone you know is in need of this service click here to get info for your area.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I was pretty wary about sending in for rebates b/c I was not sure I would ever see my money. I read a few blogs where women talked about the ease of rebates through Walgreen's and Rite Aid. I have to hear of someones experience working well before I try many things.
So last month I gave it a try. I made sure to buy things that I needed and did not feel ripped off buying if I never saw a rebate check.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting my rebates in the mail.

I received

Walgreens $2.20

Rite Aid $15.99

Albertsons $10 plus $2.35 in Jolly Time Coupons

Total Rebate: $28.19

I love getting money in the mail!

Here are some good tips for Walgreens program

Here is where you sign up for the Rite Aid program.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You REALLY Can Get Free Make-up!

Sorry Kearna but I had some doubt about your Free Full Size Cosmetics. I have recently learned a few lessons about if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Well this one is not. I went to the mall today and got my free cosmetics plus some free Bath and Body Works.

Wanna know how to get some free Bath and Body? Just print this coupon. There is no minimum purchase they have several items selling for $1-2. So spend a $1 get a $12 product for free. I spent $2 b/c I really like those anti-bacterial lotions.

The cosmetics are availible at Macy's and Dillards. I took a friend and she was really excited to get some cosmetic products. They were getting low on selection but they still had a lot of product. Go check it out!

Albertson's Jan 21st-27th

Here is a great link for Albertsons. This one is a lot like pinching your pennies, but they give you the options to make your own shopping list.

1. Just click on Start at the top of the page

2. Then go through the list clicking on items for your shopping list.
(clicked items with highlight in white.)

3. When you are finished with your list got back to the top and click shrink.

4. The page will condense into your list. Then all you have to do is click print.

Don't worry the coupon links are still there!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Full Size Cosmetics

Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, among other chains, will be giving away free cosmetics, skin care and perfumes on Jan. 20, as part of a five-year-old settlement involving price fixing on beauty products. This giveaway stems from a February 2004 class action settlement filed on behalf of consumers who purchased cosmetics between May 1994 and July 2003.

As part of the settlement, $175 million in cosmetics will be given away, one per person in a first-come, first serve basis. Consumers will be able to choose one item per person until supplies last. Brands include Estée Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Guerlain, Givenchy, Chanel, Boucheron, Cody, Calvin Klein, L’Oréal and Christian Dior. Consumers are not required to show proof of purchase, though they will have to sign a certification sheet acknowledging they purchased the products.

To find out which stores are participating, visit the settlement's website HERE.(Thanks Moms by Heart)

Thrift Store Shopping?

There was a great post by Simple Mom in my reader this morning titled, 12 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping. I've never been much of a Thrift Store shopper. My brother in law is and finds great stuff. My sister went and purchased snow pants for her entire family one day at a thrift store. But I've never had much luck... aside from the VCR we bought for $7 last year. :)

So I thought I'd ask our readers, "Do you thrift shop? If so, where do you go? How often? Do you go with something specific in mind, or just to look?" There are three thrift stores (that I'm aware of) within 3 miles of my house (I'm in Boise)... maybe it's time for me to delve in? Seeing racks and racks of clothes overwhelms me and it feels like a tedious task to search through hundreds of items, just to find that "great find"! Help me out here ladies... my five year old needs a new pair of church pants and I'm thinking I may go on a hunt.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting Started Couponing?

I want to teach other women to save money, but to tell you the truth I do not have as much time as I would like to dedicate to teaching others. So why reinvent the wheel? Being Frugal is Fab has lots of great information about getting started and the programs for different stores. Check her out she is a big help.

Walgreens & Rite Aid 1/18-1/24


Money Saving Mom

Be Centsable

Good or Free Deals

Rite Aid

The Freebie Blogger

Moms Need to Know

Modbe Live Clearance Sale

For all those that like Modbe clothing, there will be a live clearance sale here in Boise next Saturday the 24th of January. It will be from 11am-4pm at the Country Inn and Suites at 3355 Pine Ave (off Eagle and Pine near Meridian Crossroads shopping center). Many items will be marked down to $5. Thanks to my Pocatello Modbe Consultant Bev Jones for the email!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Want the Button?

I have noticed that several people have put us in their blog roll. I thought I would give you a button to put on there as well.
Here's how.....
1. Copy the html from our side column.
2. Click on Customize
3. Click Layout
4. Click Add a gadget
5. Choose html/javascript
6. Paste

Pretty easy.

Comment if it works or you had trouble.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What Are Catalina's?

I have had a few people ask me about catalina's so here is my best explanation. It is one of those coupon lingo words I have had to learn over the last few months.

Catalina Category Marketing (CCM) or Catalina's are also known as check-out coupons”. These offer incentives good on your next shopping trip to that retailer. They give you anywhere b/t 10 days to 3 months to use them so check the dates.

Some are triggered by certain things that you buy. Like when I bought yoplait yogurt last week I got a catalina for $1 off of a 6-pack of Yobaby Organic yogurt. When I bought Progresso chicken broth I got a catalina for $1 off of Swansons broth. When I bought beech nut baby food I got a catalina for .50 of of Gerber baby food. You get it?

It isn't always a competitors coupon though b/c when I bought Betty Crocker fruit snacks I got a coupon for $1.50 off of 5 boxes, and in another transaction at the same store I got a coupon for .75 off of 3 boxes. When I bought GM Cereal I got $2 off my next five boxes.

However when I was chasing the diaper deal last week I went to four different stores and only one of them gave me these $2.00 catalina's for Dreft each time I bought the diapers. So not all stores are the same even in the same chain.

Sometimes it is given in a coupon good for your next shopping trip on anything excluding tobacco and a few other things I wouldn't buy anyway. Like with the diaper deal. They had advertised spend $30 get $15 for your next shopping trip and spend $25 get $5 for your next shopping trip. These were given in catalina/check out coupons.

Many times Albertsons will do a deal like this week, $2 off instantly when you buy 4 participating Quaker products. These are given right away and should show up deducted on your receipt.

The catalina's seem to be pretty random as far as when it is good for a certain product. As far as I know there is no advertisement for what will be printed on these. I think you have to buy certain product and a certain number of those products to trigger certain coupons.

The good for your next trip dollar value coupons seem to be advertised but are not always.

To find out what catalina's are printing it works to read the forums on hot coupon world or pinching your pennies.

Here are a few question and answers I got from Hot Coupon World

Q: Are catalinas manufacturer's coupons or store coupons?

A: Generally, they are manufacturer's coupons, although occasionally one will state that it is a Store Coupon. The manufacturer's coupon catalinas are not able to be combined with other manufacturer's coupons.

In other words, if you have a catalina for $1.00/2 product X and also an insert coupon for $1.00/2, you would need to purchase 4 of the product in order to use both coupons.

Q: How can I contact Catalina Category Marketing, in case I have a question about whether my local store is doing a particular promotion?

A: Their toll free numbers are 1-(888) 322-3814 or 1-888-8COUPON (1-888-826-8766).

Q: Can I use a catalina coupon at a store other than the one where it printed?

A: YMMV, but typically yes, if the other store accepts competitor's coupons.

I am still trying to figure this one out but that is what I know about it. I was wondering if there was a site that listed catalina print outs for the week, besides forums. As far as a know the only info is through the phone number listed above. If you get any good info on how to find out what catalina's are coming up leave a comment.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My First Freebie

This is the first freebie I got when I started couponing a few months ago. Go here to get the $3/3 coupon good on these fun little bars of soap. Then go to Target where they are priced for about .97 and get three for free!

Reward Yourself with Free Bread!

After all that time that you spent in line with multiple transactions at Albertsons the past week, how about a free reward!?! On several of my Albertsons receipts there was an offer for a free loaf of Albertsons french bread with the completion of the survey. It gives you a toll free # to call and code to punch in, then asks you several questions about your visit. At the end of the survey it gives you a validation code to write down on the receipt, then you can tear off that section of the receipt and stick it in your coupon folder/binder/etc for your next trip to Alb's. Be sure to have a pen to write with and keep the full receipt because it asks you what time of day you visited the store.

Also, HINT, call them all in at once, one right after the other, to save time. The first survey was 5 minutes and each additional one took only two - it probably recognizes your phone # calling in again and only asks a few questions. It's definitely worth the few minutes - their French bread is so yummy! Also, I've done this in the past and it only worked for regular white french bread, not garlic.

Trouble Printing Coupons?

Here is a great post on how to get coupons to print if you run into trouble. I just tried it on one I was having trouble with and it worked!

Did You Miss The Pampers Deal?

You can get Huggies: 2 packages of diapers and 2 packages of wipes for $4.36.
Here is how.

Thanks Being Frugal is Fabulous!

Did You Do The Pampers Deal?

The P & G Deal Year of Savings.

If you did the pampers deal and spent at least $50 you now can send in for $120 worth of coupons.
Even if you did not do the deal you still have a chance to get coupons. You may have already earned them. Here is a list of P & G Products.

Here is how it works.....

1. Purchase $50 worth of ANY P&G products between 12/14/2008 and 1/31/2009.

2. Circle the P&G products and their corresponding prices on your original cash register receipt.

3. Print the form and fill it out.

4.In a stamped envelope, enclose the form and original dated sales receipt with item descriptions and product purchase prices circled. Mail to:

P&G Year of Savings Rebate
PO Box 750289
El Paso, TX 88575-0289

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Albertson's Jan 14th-20th

Here is the spreadsheet link for Albertsons this week.

Here is the ad at albertsons.com

Here are the highlights on the Quaker Deal!

Quaker promo: $1.50 each when you buy 4. Regular price $2.00.**

Purchase in groups of 4 to get the $1.50 sale price.

Quaker Breakfast cookies 10.1 oz.
no coupons

Quaker Cap'n Crunch cereal 14-16 oz.

Use.50/1 (3-31-09) RP-1/4
Final Cost: 1.00

Quaker Chewy granola bars 7.9-8.4 oz.
$1/2 (2-28-09) RP-1/4
Final Cost $1.00

Quaker High Fiber instant oatmeal 11.5-15.1 oz.
$1/1 (3-31-09) RP-1/4
Final Cost.50

Quaker High Fiber instant oatmeal 11.5-15.1 oz.
1.00/1 printable at this link
Final Cost .50

Quaker instant oatmeal 11.5-15.1 oz.
.70/1 (3-31-09) RP-1/4
Final Cost.80

Quaker instant oatmeal 11.5-15.1 oz. or Quaker oats 42 oz.
1.00/2 printable at this link
Final Cost $1.00

Quaker Life cereal 14-15 oz.
Quaker Life Cereals, any $1/2 (2-28-09) RP-12/7 and RP-1/4
Final Cost 1.00

Quaker Morning Minis 7.6 oz.
Final Cost 1.50

Quaker oats 42 oz.
.60/1 (3-31-09) RP-1/4
Final Cost .90

Quaker Simple Harvest oatmeal 11.8 oz.
$1/1 (1-31-09) SS-11/9
Final Cost .50

Free Suave

Sign up today only at suave.com for a free suave product. See the link about it at KRAZIES


As if you're not tired enough from the last week spent at Albertson's, today Old Navy started their additional 50% off lowest marked clearance prices AND Target has an additional 30% off most clothes clearance - I was told it's not on accessories or anything else. Happy shopping!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walgreens 1/11-1/17

Here are your links for Walgreens

Be Centsable

Being Frugal is Fabulous

Good or Free Deals

Albertson's Still Two Days Left

My trip to Albetsons was a lot of work I had 5 seperate transactions in a row, a little crazy but it worked out. Here is what I got.

Here are the STATS:


Retail Value: $240.21

Preferred Savings: -$79.22
Manufactured Coupons
Catalinas: -$75.00
Clipped/Printed: -$46.10
Total Savings: 200.32

Total OOP- $39.89

That is 0.62 an item and 80% Savings

I also earned $15 in catalina's for my next trip and $27 in gas rewards!
So if you subtract that from the total it is like I made $2.11

Love it! It took a lot of time to figure out and sort coupons and shopping was crazy b/c they would be out of something and I would have to figure out what I could substiute to match a 2 for 5 or 2 for 4 and so on. Also sorting at the register was tricky but next time will be easier. The checker was really patient and nice too. That helped alot. You would not believe the anxiety I had about checking out in 5 transactions. I had little lists for each transaction and my coupons all seperated and ready to go so that made it easier.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Albertsons Shopping Trip

Saving money is fun!

Here is what I purchased today, in four separate transactions.

**updated** (I liked Monica's "STATS", so I thought I'd do mine the same!)


Retail Value: $197.62

Preferred Savings: -$62.84
Manufacturer Coupons
Catalinas: -$45.00
Clipped/Printed: -$31.65
Total Savings: 158.44

Total OOP- $58.13

I'm too tired to figure percentages and such... heck, it is looking like my #'s are adding up, but oh well! It was fun to save money and I'm going again tomorrow!

How is your shopping going? Put a link to your blog post in the comments so every one can share the coupon love!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Favorite Home Decor Store is Closing... TOMORROW!

Just yesterday I got an email that my most fave decorating store is closing... and they are closing TOMORROW! I am so sad about it! I've been meaning to go in and get stuff for my kitchen, but haven't gotten around to it. I'm headed there now. They've got all of their stuff marked down. They are located on Overland, across the street from Walmart (8249 Overland #100) - I'm sure you won't find ANY crazy shoppers there, so don't worry, you'll be safe!

Avoid Crazy Shoppers!

Hey Monica-

What a crummy experience! I'm sorry. If you want to still get more of those diapers (or wipes), you can either order them thru the manager or pre-buy them. Ordering them might not work because the warehouse that all of our stores order from is wiped out of pampers so they might not get here before the sale if over. My store's manager said that the manufacturer of pampers was sending out an "emergency" shipment to our warehouse or something. I ordered some diapers the first day of the sale and they came in this morning, but am pre-buying more. If your store doesn't do that, call me and I'll get you in touch with my store.


Beware of CRAZY Shoppers!

So I have been working out the Albertson's diaper deal this week. I finally had it figured out and went to Albertson's last night. Of course they were all out of the the diapers that were on the deal. I got a bigger pack and went up front to see if it would work with the deal. After talking to the ladies in the front for 25 minutes it did not seem like it would. So they recommended I call in the morning and see if the right package size was back in stock.
This morning I called and they told me that they had just finished stocking the shelves. So I loaded up my children and went to the store. I headed straight for the diaper aisle. As I made my way down the aisle I could see a lady with her cart jam packed full of Pamper's Diapers in the Jumbo Size. The deal diapers! I looked up to see about 6 packs left in the size 3 which is what I needed.
I jokingly asked her if she was going to take all of the diapers.
CRAZY LADY: ya all of the diapers left on the shelf I am saving for my friend.
ME: Really I said, but your friend is not here.
CRAZY LADY: Well she just called me and she is coming.
ME: Well I am sure it wouldn't be a big deal if I just took three.You can have any of those other box packages.
ME: Well those are not part of the deal you know that.
CRAZY LADY: All I know is that my friend told me to come and get these diapers.

I went to reach for the diapers and she flipped. Trying to grab them before I could.
I managed to get two packages off the shelf and the ranting began.

CRAZY LADY: I can't believe you are doing this. I have been here for 1 1/2 hours waiting for these diapers.
ME: I am sorry but you can't just save diapers on the shelf.
CRAZY LADY: Well they reserved all of these diapers for me.
(If they did that they would have been in the back, she was such a liar)
ME: Well I am sure you will be fine you have whole cart full (the lower section and the whole basket). I really just need one more to do the deal. (I was hoping she would see how stupid she was being and give me one package) I guess I was hoping she would come to her senses.
CRAZY LADY: Well I need all these diapers.
ME: Well I need diapers too, (pointing to me infant in the cart.)
CRAZY LADY: I came here last night to get them and they were out.
ME: So did I.

Finally I realized she was not going to relent and I was not about to take any diapers from her cart so I decided I would grab a bag of size 4 off the shelf and move on.

ME: You know if you don't know the deal you are going to have to pay a lot more for those diapers, I will tell you if you just give me a pack of 3's. (I kind of wanted to see if she was lying about her knowledge. You have to buy the diapers in sets of three in different transactions or you will not get you $20 back.)
CRAZY LADY: Oh I know that you have to but them in sets of 3.

I started to make my way down the aisle I had sick feeling in my stomach. I do not like confrontation and it just was icky to me fighting with a grown woman in a grocery store. I turned around and said,

ME: I am sorry I upset you. I really didn't think it would be a big deal.
CRAZY LADY: Well I was just trying to be a good friend and get some diapers for my friend. She has seven kids.
ME: I think there will be plenty of diapers for her.
CRAZY LADY: Well I just needed the size 3. (She had multiple sizes in the cart)
I started to walk away and then decided with such a good deal maybe I should get some size 4. I turn around and she is putting the size 4 in her cart. I watch her for a minute thinking she might be about done b/c her cart will not fit anymore diapers. She starts to walk away and a couple of Albertson's managers come up to her and tell her that the deal does not work at all Albertson's that it is only some stores. That it was not advertised in there add and she begins her rant and I head off.
I debated, are they right about it not working here? I know that it worked yesterday b/c the employee's told me that people did it yesterday in that store. I decided I would try it and if it did not work just return the diapers. Three packages would not be a big deal. I went through the line and presto just like I read.....

Buy three pampers cruisers Jumbo pack size

Diapers 10 (with preferred card)
Diapers 10
Diapers 10

Used 3/$1 coupons and the Albertsons doubler.
Saved $6

Total 25.62

Got $20 back in coupons (vouchers to use at my next albertsons trip on groceries.)

Total cost

$5.62 for 3 packages a diaper.

That is $1.87 per pack or .05 a diaper

So you can see why the lady was so crazy to get diapers but really? Was it worth all of that rude attitude? Was I out of line? What would you have done?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albertsons Sale

The Albertsons sale is great! The gillette fusions rasors are part of the $15 back in catalinas off $30... so if you still have the $4 off coupons, PYP shows that they'll be 49 cents each! Watch the price though - mine rang up wrong and I'll have to go back to fix it. They should be 8.99 on sale I think. I also stocked up on Pantene shampoos and conditioners for 17 cents each after coupons and got the free kids yogurts. A friend of my sis-in-law figured out the great deal on pampers diapers and wipes, that is explained on this link: THE KRAZIES I haven't tried it yet, but will let you know. The 5mile/overland store is out but are getting more in on Friday I think.

$35 Gift Cards for $5!

Saw this on Moms Need to Know and decided to try it out myself!

You simply go to Restaurant.com and follow the directions. When I saw this promo awhile back, I didn't see any local restaurants that interested me. But I decided to check it out again today... my little sister and hubby LOVE Asiago's. And lo and behold, they have the gift cards for Asiago's!

So enter in your zip, pick a restaurant (choose $25), then enter in the coupon code: DEAL to get the gift card for $5 (rather than $10). Be sure to look at the conditions each restaurant has (minimum orders, particular days...). So when you check out, you'll only get the $25 gift card for $5. The next window that popped up almost threw me off - it is a $10 rebate offer if you join some discount club... scroll to the bottom right and click "no thanks" to continue on to print off your gift certificate. After you do this, they will email you a code for another $10 gift certificate! $35 of eating out for only $5... sweet!

Walmart Deals

This is from a post at Moms by heart, I have not tried it here yet.
Wal Mart
Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix $.72
-$.55 printable HERE
Final Price: $.17

Green Giant Steamers $1
-$1 from 11/16 SS
Final Price FREE

Nestle Hot Chocolate (10 count box) $1.00
-$.75 printable HERE
Final Price: $.25 each

Guerrero Corn tortillas (24-ct.) $1.00
-$1 printable HERE (It's in spanish it should still be easy but if you need help call me)
Final Price: FREE

Hungry Jack Potato Pouches $.92
-$1/2 from 11/9 RP
Final Price: $.44

Betty Crocker potatoes $.79
-$.40 printable HERE
Final Price: $.39

Martha White Cornbread Mixes $.33
-$.55/2 from 11/9 RP
Final Price: $.06

Muir Glen Fire Roasted Chopped Tomatoes $1.18
$1/1 printable
$1/1 printable
Final Price: $.18

Beech-Nut Stage 2 Jars $.46
-$1.50/8 from 10/26 SS
Final Price: 8/$2.18 ($.27 each)

Progresso Soup, 2/$3
-$1.10 printable HERE
Final Price: FREE

Seapak Shrimp Poppers $1.25
-$1.00 printable HERE
Final Price: $.25

Campbell’s Spaghettios $.49
-$.40/2 from 9/21 SS
Final Price: $.29

Just Bunches Cereal $1.00
-$2 printable HERE (this one is expired)
Final Price: $1 overage!

Purina Cat Food $3.97
-$4 printable HEREFinal Price: FREE

Purina Puppy Chow 4lb $4.12
-$4 printable HERE
Final Price: $0.12

Air Wick Lumin Air $4.97
-$5 from 12/7 SS
Final Price: FREE

Sources: Deal Seeking Mom, Be Centsable

Albertson's Jan 7-13th

Here is the link for the great deals at Albertsons this week.
Comment if you see any great deals!

Here is a copy of the ad.

How's it going at KMart? Anyone get some free stuff with the double coupons?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kmart - double coupons

While they are only doubling up to $1.00 this week, next week they'll be doubling up to $2.00. Enjoy!

The Kmart Scoop

Thank you Natricia for calling me and letting me know that Kmart is indeed accepting double coupons this week (up to $1.00). Her sis-in-law called to check today!

AND a big warm {{hug}} and welcome to Natricia who has volunteered to be our newest blog author! Woo hoo! Thanks Natricia!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Walgreens 1/4-1/10

Here is a list of what I am interested in at Walgreens. I got the info from the following blogs. Go to there links to find more deals and to print more coupons.

Being Frugal is Fabulous

Good or Free Deals

Be Centsable

Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers: $2.99
Use $2.00 off Easy Saver coupon (pg. 14)
Use $1.00 off MC from 10/5 RP, 11/9 RP or 1/4 RP

Final Price: OVERAGE of $.01

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, 1 pint: $3.00
Use $3.00 printable Cathy told you about

Final Price: FREE

Electrasol Gelpacks: $3.49
There is a $1.50 rebate (#31, limit 1)
Use $2.50 off MC from 1/4 SS

Final Price: OVERAGE of $.51

Reynolds Wrap, 20 sq. ft.: $.99 (with in-ad coupon)
Use $1.00 off MC from 11/16 SS or 12/14 SS

Final Price: OVERAGE of $.01

Palmolive Dish Soap: $.79 (with in-ad coupon)
Use $.25 off MC from 1/4 SS

Final Price: $.55


Palmolive Dish Liquid on sale for $.79 after in-ad coupon

-$.50 1/4 inserts

(Not sure who is right on the Palmolive one I left my coupons book at work)

Softsoap: $.99 (with in-ad coupon)
Use $.35 off MC from 1/4 SS

Final Price: $.64

Quaker Instant Oatmeal: $1.99 (with in-ad coupon)
Use $1.00 off printable ( You can print more than 2)

Final Price: $.99

The following 4 deals are all a part of the same RR deal. This means that you can do each of these deals, but they must be in separate transactions. Also, you can not use the RR from one deal to pay for another. For example, you can not use the RR from the Theraflu to pay for the Triaminic, or the RR will not print for the Triaminic because it is the same deal.

Theraflu: 2/$10.00
Buy 2 and receive $5.00 in RR
Use (2) $2.00 off MC from 10/19 SS or $1.50 off MC from 12/7 SS

Final Price: 2/$1.00-2.00

Triaminic: 2/$10.00
Buy 2 and receive $5.00 in RR
Use (2) $1.50 off printables here

Final Price: 2/$2.00

Benefiber 16 pk. sticks or 20 dose powder: 2/$10.00
Buy 2 and receive $5.00 in RR
Use (2) $2.00 off MC from 10/19 SS, 11/16 SS, 12/14 SS or 1/4 SS

Final Price: 2/$1.00

Gas-X Thin Strips, 18 ct.: 2/$10.00
Buy 2 and receive $5.00 in RR
Use (2) $1.50 off printables at

Final Price: 2/$2.00

Slim Quick Energy Shots: $4.00
Buy 1 and receive $4.00 in RR

Final Price: FREE

There are three items that are completely free after rebate all through the month of January:

Orajel Medicated Cold Sore Brushes or Patch (up to $8.49, limit 1)
Use $1.00 off MC from 10/26 SS and make a profit of $1.00!

Auto Expressions Vent Fresh Elite Auto Air Freshener (up to $4.99, limit 1)

Revlon Matte Collection Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Blush or Eye Pencil (up to $10.00, limit 1)
Use $2.00 off MC from 9/14 SS or $1.00 off MC from 10/12 SS, 10/19 SS, 11/16 SS or 12/7 SS and make a profit of $1.00-$2.00!

Viactive Chews or glides 60ct on sale $5.49
-$1 1/4 inserts
-$3 January Easysaver Coupon
Final Price $1.49

Jif Peanut Butter 2/$4
Use $1.00/3 coupon from 1/4 SS insert
Final price: $1.67

Friday, January 2, 2009


Now that Monica has given you a great cheap way of organizing your coupons, you need to find some to put in there!

Sounds like a lot of coupons are coming our way on Sunday. Here is the coupon insert preview - she recommends getting 12-20 of the inserts! Wow! Dollar store, here I come!

Also, you'd better head over to coupons.com and print up the new coupons for January. My favorites? 2 Yoplait yogurts, a few General Mills coupons, Ocean Spray juice, Toaster Strudels, and $1.00 of a box of Fiber One Bars (have you tried these - I love them!).

Albertsons Link to Pinching Your Pennies (sale through Jan 6th)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting Organized

When I first started clipping coupons I did not want to spend a lot of money on organization until I figured out if this was something I was going to keep doing. So I went to the dollar store and purchased this little photo album to keep my coupons in. It held about two weeks of coupons and then started drivingme crazy. It was too full and not organized enough. I decided that I was willing to stick with couponing and so I upgraded my binder.

I got all of the stuff and Target and it only ended up cost me less than $10, which was worth it to me to have it well organized.

I purchased three things....

Baseball card holders 4.99

Binder .97

Indexed pocket dividers 3.79

You may be able to find a better deal on ebay for the baseball card holders. The binder might be sitting in a box from an old college class, and the dividers with the pockets could be replaced with simple dividers but I really liked the pocketed ones. I keep my adds, store coupons, and all of my rebate catolges and recipets in these folders so they work great for me.
I still use the little photo album to hold my coupons when I don't want to take the binder in the store.

I divided the binder into three main sections food, personal care and cleaning.
Those are further diided into sections. Click on photos for details