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Thursday, October 30, 2008

$25 Gift Cards for $2!

Thank you Monica for passing this along!

"We like to dine out from time to time. I found this today and ordered myself some gift cert. $2 per $25 gift card. They give you options for 25 locally owned Boise area restaurants, many that I have been wanting to try. Check it out."


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Links to This Weeks Deals

Hey Ladies!

Here are a bunch of links to deals for this week. Also, take a look to your right... I posted a slew of links with great info on saving money on groceries, tools for saving money, and my new favorite find, Dave Ramsey.

Rite Aid
KMart (apparently they're doing double coupons again)
Freds (by the way, I went today and bought some Tree Top Apple Juice - they have a 3 for $5 coupon in the ad, and I also found $1 off 2 in the 10/18 Smart Source coupon insert - that is my little tidbit of knowledge!)
More Walgreens (with links to scenarios)
A $40 Weekly Menu Plan

My dad (who is a MAJOR A&W fan) told me that Walgreens has their root beer 12 packs on sale for 5 for $11. This comes to about .18 per can! Good find dad!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Albertsons Makeup Clearance

An email from my friend Sara...

Albertsons, on McMillan and Eagle, has three shopping carts full of makeup on clearance. Most things are 2.99 or 1.99, regular price is 6.99, 7.99 on some items. (I would assume our local Alby's is doing the same thing).

P.S. - I spoke to a woman today who said if you see things on sale for Christmas get them now because they will not be having any sales in December. (The stores are hurting and so they hope to catch up with last minute shoppers.) She read this information twice in the newspaper.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

WAGS (ahem) WALGREENS Coupon - $5 off $20!

Here is another two day only coupon! Found this at Moms Need to Know!

Deals at Pauls - Oct 22-28

Thank you Monica for passing the info along!

At Pauls this week on the front of their ad they have Stouffers Lasagna 57-96oz for $9.99 when you buy it then you get the following three things for FREE:
One loaf of french bread, 160z from the bakery
One bag of Dole salad blends 5-12oz,
One 1/2 gal western family ice cream.

That is a great deal. The Lasagna normally is $15.00 dollars with out all the other stuff. So for $9.99 it's a great dinner for cheap! Enjoy! kimberly wing

Sounds yummy! I'm going to head over there!

A few other good deals that I noticed...
  • Apples are anywhere from .77-.97/lb (this is the best I've seen lately)
  • Their pumpkins are .12/lb - the other night I noticed that Freds were something like .25/lb, so this seems pretty good. Walmart sells theirs for a flat $3.98. I wonder what that averages per pound.
  • Deluxe pumpkin carving kit is $3.43 - they are $4 at Walmart.
  • Nestle Chocolate Chips (my hubby's fave) are $1.98/bag (a fairly descent sale price), what makes it better is this $1.50 off one bag coupon. You'll have to register to get it, but here is another great example of using your "junk mail" email address! Oops - I just noticed the Pauls ad says "with 5 point redemption".
I've never shopped at Pauls before - it looks like I'll have to get a "Price-Cutter Club Card" if I want the deals. Does anyone have any tips or advice? Any other great deals you've come across?

What do you think? Is it worth the trip? I think the meal deal at the top alone makes it pretty worth it!

FREDS - Powdered Sugar

I was at Freds 2 nights ago and they had their one pound boxes of C&H Powdered Sugar and C&H Brown Sugar for .69/box. This was cheaper than their generic brand, so I thought it was a pretty good deal!

Also, here are some good coupons I found at "Freebies 4 Mom" SWEET COUPON SAVINGS!

Take a peek at my personal blog to see my reaction to the whole Omaha Steaks fiasco (grrr).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

**UPDATED** 5.5 pounds of Steak burgers for 36 CENTS A POUND!


Well, they took away my 12 free burgers... Here is a blog post that explains all of their poor customer service. I went back and looked at all of my info (emails, order conf.) and no where did it say anything about not combining offeres. Poor customer service to just take it all away. If the system accepted it, I'd say it was legit!

I saw this posted on a couple of blogs today, and decided to post.

Go to Catherine Wheels blog for all the details and links. I think I'll give it a try!

By the way - in step one when you have to register, if you don't already, set up a "junk mail" email address that you use for all of these "register/sign up" type things.

PS - Instead of clicking on her link in step two, click on this link... which will earn me $20 Gift Cards for Omaha Steaks - which I will in turn give away in a contest (if I earn any). I just want to make sure you understand that I am not promoting this at all for personal gain! We could all use some beef, right?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Five Steps Toward Frugal Living

Here is a great article from "Blissfully Domestic - Frugal Bliss" about starting the whole frugal living process. It can be overwhelming. I haven't done any great shopping trips for nearly two weeks because I haven't had time to go through the ads and my coupons! I haven't wanted to go grocery shopping with out the artillery in my pocket! So we've been eating out of the pantry with a few quick tips to grab milk and fruit.

Here it is noon and I haven't gotten anything crossed off my list! But I came across this article and had to share. Don't get overwhelmed (talking to myself here)... take it one small step at a time.

Check out the blog often. Even if I don't post, the blogs to listed in the blog roll to the right are updated a few times a day and have great info on them!

Well, the dryer is screaming at me and boys need lunch. Have a great Monday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Deals Found this week!

First things first - I have a lot of links listed here. If you don't already know this, I'm telling you now - *right click* on the link and click on "open in new tab" or "open in new window". Then you will still have this post open and can continue reading as you look at all the deals I've found for you.

Check it out - Friday and Saturday ONLY!

Coupon savings at Walgreens! Here is a blog that breaks down all the good Walgreens deals.

Here is a link to some more $30 of coupons on cleaning products and $20 of Pillsbury coupons

Another link with a bunch of coupon links (Kellogg's cereal - rarely come across these! Pampers, Betty Crocker, Just Bunches cereal, and a lot more!) .

And a big thank you to my friend Sara for forwarding emails to me that she gets from her sis in law Angela!

Here is what she sent me:

Bumble Bee Tuna $0.48 a ca
Hunts Spaghetti sauce .50 (we have coupons for this that make is .30)
Saltines .50
Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies .75
Money Saving Mom also has some deals listed

: (these are not my words, just so you know)
Double Coupons!!! October 15th until October 18th.

I did some further research and called national customer relations (1-866-KMART-4U). I asked about the double coupon event Oct 15-18 and was told the following:

EVERY store is participating. There was so much confusion from the Oct 1-5 event that they're running it again for everyone. Flyers and advertisements are going out from specific stores because KMart is trying test markets, so only some stores will have actual advertising about double coupons but all stores will honor it if asked.

Coupons will be doubled up to $2. There are no price adjustments and coupons should not end up giving overages. Meaning, if an item is $3 and the coupon is $2, the coupon will be rung in at $2. (This, of course, has been YMMV depending on cashiers during the last promotion.)

There is a limit of 75 coupons per person per day.

"For those of you who missed out on this last time, we got a lot of great products for FREE! you just need to get your hands on some Sunday papers to get the manufacturer coupons out and clip them and figure out if it's a good deal to you or not! You can call my friend Greg Roseberry at 870-2784 and then go down to the Press Tribune and buy them for .50 a copy!" - Jenn

Here is another blog that talks about it.

Happy Shopping!!!

Sorry I didn't get these up earlier in the week. I'm pretty busy on T, W and Th! Are you finding any other great deals? Email me or post a comment!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great Deal on Shrimp at Alby's!

Thank you Stephanie for sharing the info on this!!

If you happen to like shrimp (the cooked variety with cocktail sauce) they are on sale at Albertsons. There are three sizes (small, med, and large rings--4.99, 9.99, and 19.99 on sale) The kicker is the five additional dollar off coupon in their flyer-or some can be found taped to the shrimp packaging. (You should pay five bucks for the medium ring). The coupon apparently doesn't work for the small size (or they'd be free). I only buy shrimp once, maybe twice a year--Couldn't pass up the price! They are frozen, so could keep for awhile. I bought some for the holidays.

Great idea Steph - saving for the holidays!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Links

Here are some great blogs that have a bunch of info on great deals this week!

Walgreens Deals of the Week over at Money Saving Mom (other bloggers are able to post their scenarios and what they are saving too).

Rite Aid Deals of the Week also from Money Saving Mom (I never go there, they are down by DI I think? But it looks like they have a bunch of "free after rebate" items).

Some Wal-Mart deals from Centsible Savings

Also, if you go to: Pinching Your Pennies, you can sign up for their newsletter and get a link to a page that breaks down all of the Utah stores and their great deals for the week. Obviously we aren't in Utah, but they do have Walmart, Albertsons, and Walgreens on the list. You can sort it and look at those stores individually. What I love about this site is that they "rank" the deals. If you see 4 or 5 red stars next to the item, then that is your *clue* to STOCK UP! So I just quickly scan thru and look for those 4 or 5 starred items.

Don't forget that the Albertsons sale ends tomorrow. THIS is the link I got from my weekly newsletter. One example: Dannon Light and Fit Yogurts 6oz at .39 each (limit 12).

Here is a great post from Gidget Goes Home about how she uses coupons. It was this post that got me thinking about starting a Coupon/Frugal Living group! HERE is the link!

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Walgreens - FREE Cleaning Products... sale ends today!

I just came across this one. I don't usually use these brands, because they cost too much. But by using these coupons, along with the rebates from Walgreens "Easy Saver Catalog" - you'll get the stuff for free! Things such as: FREE SCRUBBING BUBBLES AUTOMATIC SHOWER CLEANER, FREE SCRUBBING BUBBLES, FREE FANTASTIK, FREE WINDEX, FREE SHOUT WIPES

Here is the blog with all the details, plus links for the coupons:

You can find the "Easy Saver Catalog" right as you walk into Walgreens, next to their weekly add. The particular rebates mentioned on this post are found on pages 58 & 59. You can submit your rebates ONLINE (even easier!). AND if you choose to have the rebates put on a gift card, you'll receive an additional 10%!

Friday, October 10, 2008


A friend of a friend shared this info with me... and now I'll share with you! Here is some FREE OR NEARLY FREE FOOD FOR YOU!

Green Giant Steamers are on sale for $.99 and there were $1 off coupons in the Statesman this past Sunday =FREE

Arm and Hammer Laundry detergent is B1G1F (Buy one get one Free) plus you get a free Essentials Cleaner. Here is a link to sign up and get $1 off each so you can get all 3 for $3.19. (Just click on "Get coupons") The detergent is the 26 load or 50oz. Use 2 of the detergent coupons and 1 cleaner coupon. http://www.armandhammer.com/

And don't miss the Johnsonville Grilling Sausage (in-ad store coupon for 2.99) and $1 off coupon from Sundays paper = 1.99 (Krysti said these are usually 3.49 at Walmart)

Nestle or Mars Fun Size Candy is on sale 3 for $4.98 ($1.67 each). There is an IP(internet printable) for $1 off = $.67 a bag. Great price for Halloween!